Conference Leisure Futures: call for papers
Conference Leisure Futures: call for papers
Leisure Futures: "Changing Patterns and Use of Leisure Time"

The 2nd Conference on Leisure Futures provides an excellent platform for leisure and tourism experts from all over the world to explain and discuss the changing leisure and tourism behavior and its underlying determinants and dynamics. The international Forum is scheduled for November 10-12, 2004 and will take place in Bolzano/Bozen, Italy.
Key areas of interest will be an update of the trends identified at the 2002 conference, as well as future overlapping patterns of time allocation between and within the following four phases (times) of life:
(1) education and training time, (2) working time, (3) recovery time for body, spirit and possessions, (4) real pure leisure time.
Leisure Futures 2004 explores the expected new allocation and integration of life-time over these four phases with a focus on the resulting implications for leisure and tourism activities.

The organizing body:
European Academy Bolzano/Bozen - EURAC
University of Innsbruck (Center for Tourism and Service Economics)
University of St. Gallen (Institute for Public Services and Tourism)

Abstract Submission: 31.05.2004
Call for papers:

Organizing co-ordinator EURAC:
Anita Zehrer
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