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TASK 13: workshop on performance & reliability of PV systems

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The Institute for Renewable Energy hosts from 6th to 8th April the 13th Meeting of the Task13, Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaic Systems of the International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme.

The Task13 research group, represented by partners from all Europe, will meet at EURAC headquarter in Bolzano. A guided tour of the PV plants monitored by EURAC at ADB Airport, and a workshop on Performance & Reliability of PV systems are also in agenda.

For the complete program of the event click here.
You can find pictures of the group, the tests and the guided tour at the Airport here in our fotogallery.

Here below the list of the authors and the pdf of the presentations shown the 8th April during the workshop Performance & Reliability:
  • A. Morlier, M. Köntges, M. Siebert, I. Kunze „UV fluorescence imaging as fast inspection method for PV modules in the field” pdf
  • U. Jahn, M. Herz “Optical Inspection and Detection Methods for PV Modules in the Field” pdf
  • K. A. Berger “Potential Induced Degradation of PV modules & systems” pdf
  • J. Stein “PV Performance Modeling” pdf
  • G. Belluardo “Performance Loss of PV systems” pdf
  • D. Bertani “Fault detection and predictive monitoring” pdf
  • P. Chiantore “Guidelines and Best Practices for Utility-scale PV Power Plants in Europe”​ ​​​pdf

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