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EU FESR - PV 4.0 Use of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things logics in the photovoltaic sector


Photovoltaics is gradually becoming the cheapest source of electricity in most of the world. This is made possible by access to low-cost capital and lower investment costs for photovoltaic systems. On the other hand, since the operating and maintenance costs of photovoltaic systems are part of the percentage of investment costs, many Operation and Maintenance (O&M) companies are working with increasingly narrow margins in an increasingly competitive market. 

Reduced costs and tight margins often have a negative impact on the overall quality of a PV project. Performance evaluation and the search for reliability along the entire value chain thus take on a new dimension and require the development of innovative methodologies and solutions. The objective of this project is to develop a technological system for the management of the activities of O&M companies according to the principles of industry 4.0, in order to optimize the decision-making process, thus minimizing time and operating cost.

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The project aims to provide a software, called PV4.0 that can interface with as many commercial monitoring software as possible, or developed internally by an O&M company. Since it is a software for managing information generated by other sources, it does not require the modification or replacement of the existing monitoring program in the company and allows you to connect the different sources, display them quickly and easily and analyze them intelligently in order to generate indications on the actions to be taken.

The three-year project PV 4.0 started in February 2019 and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (FESR) under the call 2018 - Priority axis 1 "Research and Innovation" and investment priority 1a. Total project budget € 537,950.4​5. Public funds up to a maximum amount of € 433,260.85

Eurac Research
- FESR (50%) 138.113,23 €,
- state funds (35%) 96.679,26 €,
- provincial funds (15%) 41.433,96 €.

​Saidea Srl
- FESR (50%) 78.517,20 €,
- state funds (35%) 54.962,04 €,
- provincial funds (15%) 23.555,16 €.

Specific objectives:


  • Create a shared and categorized data infrastructure.
  • Develop a BIM-inspired system for 3D visualization of PV systems.
  • Developing PV4.0 hardware
  • Develop models, algorithms and large data backends for PV4.0
  • Develop PV4.0 software​




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