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PhD-Students [Bozen Innsbruck Doctoral Program (BI-DOC)]

Eurac Research is looking for

PhD-Students [Bozen Innsbruck Doctoral Program (BI-DOC)]
Collaborative doctoral program between the Medical University of Innsbruck (MUI), Austria and Eurac Research, Bolzano/Bozen, Italy.

In order to strengthen collaboration between the MUI and Eurac Research both organizations have established a high quality, joint doctoral PhD program. This program is open to applicants from all over the world with an academic degree as detailed below in the requirements.
The doctoral program is intended to start in 2019 and is funded for three years. The collaborative PhD projects will be carried out at the Medical University of Innsbruck and at the Institute for Biomedicine at Eurac Research in Bolzano/Bozen. The PhD students will be affiliated with both Institutions and are expected to alternate their presence between Bolzano and Innsbruck. This bilateral PhD program is imbedded into the existing Innsbruck PhD School for Biomedical Sciences (https://phd-school.i-med.ac.at/) and builds up on an existing bilateral PhD program between the MUI and Eurac Research. Within the PhD program the students will attend core and specialized lectures and laboratory courses, which will be offered at both institutions. After successful finalization of the PHD program the students will receive their PhD degree from the MUI.

Two PhD student positions will be available for three years on the following topics (joint PIs indicated in brackets):
1. Functional Impact of SZT2 Variants Related to Epilepsy and Mental Deficit (Lukas A. Huber/Thomas Müller, Corrado Corti)
2. Linkage of imbalances in iron metabolism and Parkinson’s disease: Evaluation of underlying molecular pathways, genetic mechanisms and environmental factors (Günter Weiss, Irene Pichler)

Within the BI-DOC program the PhD research projects will focus on functional studies in the areas of neurological disease, taking advantage of a broad spectrum of available expertises that include evaluation of human samples by up-to-date in depth genetic, biochemical, immunological and molecular biology analyses and techniques, as well as a broad range of in vitro and in vivo analyses including, real time imaging techniques and access to reliable model systems. Expertise in statistics and bioinformatics is available to help successfully complete and execute the proposed research projects. Our laboratories have expertise in neurodegeneration, addressing research questions using cutting-edge genetic and molecular biology approaches (including CRISPR/Cas9 technologies), confocal microscopy, transcriptomics, ddPCR, protein expression analysis, cell reprogramming into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and neuronal differentiation. Each PhD student will be guided and supported by two PIs (one at MUI, one at Eurac Research).

· Developing and completing his/her research thesis on the topic of this call, in accordance with the tutor at the Medical University of Innsbruck and the tutor at Eurac Research Institute for Biomedicine.
· Presenting research results in national- and international-level academic conferences.
· Publishing in international peer-reviewed journals.

We are looking for a highly qualified and motivated aspiring PhD student from any nationality with an open-minded and very enterprising personality, capable of working in a collaborative and integrated research group. Ideal candidates should possess a good scientific drive and a strong motivation to succeed.
· Undergraduate degree (Master, Magister, Diploma, MD) in medical science (MD) or natural sciences (molecular biology, microbiology, biology, chemistry, pharmacy, biochemistry, genetics). A Master’s degree in molecular and cellular neuroscience is an advantage.
· Good foundational skills in molecular and cellular biology.
· Exposure to measurement of mitochondrial function in cellular models is an advantage.
· Very good knowledge of English (comprehension, speech and writing – fluent spoken and written), with Italian or German language skills or willingness to learn at least one of these two local languages as an advantage.
· Students have to show academic excellence, scientific potential, flexibility, motivation, and suitability for the research project.
We offer:
· Highly qualified PhD education program according to international standards.
· Combination of basic science and clinically translational research.
· Interactive practical “hands on” teaching.
· State of the art facilities and resources.
· Guaranteed salary and health insurance for the proposed 3 years.
· Interaction with other European doctoral programs.
· A supportive PhD student community.
· Attractive living conditions in the middle of the Alps.
How to apply:
Interested candidates should submit their application (CV, cover letter, and further relevant documents) within 28.02.2019 via Email to jobs.biomedicine@eurac.edu stating “BI-DOC PhD-Student” as subject:
Eurac Research
Institute for Biomedicine
Via Galvani 31 – 39100 Bolzano
Email: jobs.biomedicine@eurac.edu  - www.eurac.edu
Tel: +39 0471 055 500 / Fax: + 39 0471 055 599

For more detailed information please contact Prof. Dr. Peter Pramstaller at Eurac Research, Bozen (peter.pramstaller@eurac.edu) or Prof. Dr. Günter Weiss at MUI, Innsbruck (guenter.weiss@i-med.ac.at)

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