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Trainee in the area of Corpus Linguistics

The traineeship enables deepening insights in Corpus Linguistics, in particular in processes of preparing linguistic data for Corpus Linguistic analysis. The traineeship will be carried out in the framework of two projects, both implemented by the Institute of Applied Linguistics at Eurac Research Bolzano: (1) The project DigitAll ("Written online language in everyday life") aims at providing linguistic data of online communication and at analyzing the data focusing on its particularities (e.g. online multilingualism, dialect spellings). It is a follow-up project of DiDi (www.eurac.edu/didi) for which we created a multilingual corpus of South Tyrolean Facebook texts (i.e. the DiDi Corpus). (2) The project LCA ("Learner Corpus Analysis") aims at providing a Learner Corpus Infrastructure for the work on our in-house Learner Corpora (mainly German and Italian L2 and L1 corpora) and at analyzing the specifics of learner language.



  • Support in anonymizing English and Italian Facebook texts in order to include them into the DiDi Corpus;
  • Support in controlling the quality of linguistic transcriptions and annotations for Learner Corpora;
  • Transcribing learner texts;
  • Individual research of the trainee on a topic related to our expertise.



  • High proficiency in German, Italian and English (native-like level in one language, minimum B2/C1 in the other languages);
  • Currently enrolled in Linguistics (preferably with a focus on Corpus Linguistics, foreign language acquisition and/or computer-mediated communication), Computational Linguistics or similar disciplines.


We offer:

The successful applicant will be able to work in an interdisciplinary team of scientists (including corpus linguists, computational linguists, applied linguists) with significant experience in qualitative and quantitative analysis of learner language, multilingualism and computer-mediated communication. The traineeship comprises assistance in ongoing research projects as well as the possibility to follow-up on an individual research topic using the available resources at the institute (e.g. the aforementioned learner corpus infrastructure).

Trainees must commit for a minimum of 3 months in full-time occupation, although the willingness to stay for a longer period is a priority criterion in the choice of the candidate. No form of remuneration is provided for by Eurac Research. For those who are interested and enrolled in foreign universities (university needs to support Erasmus programs) there is the possibility of obtaining funding through an Erasmus grant. For those enrolled in universities in Italy, the internship can be carried out free of charge through "tirocinio formativo".


How to apply:

Interested candidates should submit their application (CV, a meaningful motivation letter, and further relevant documents) within 30.04.2020 to the following address:

Eurac Research
Institute for Applied Linguistics

Email: linguistics@eurac.edu - www.eurac.edu
Tel: +39 0471 055 100 / Fax: + 39 0471 055 199

For further information please contact Dr. Aivars Glaznieks: aivars.glaznieks@eurac.edu


Headword: "Traineeship Corpus Linguistics"


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