Federalism in Europe and the World
Federalism in Europe and the World
"Federalism in Europe and the World" is this year’s topic of the 24th International Seminar on Federalism on Ventotene from 2-7 September 2007.
For the EURAC-Institute for Studies on Federalism and Regionalism Carolin Zwilling will hold a lecture entitled "Unity in Diversity: Asymmetric Federalism as the Solution?". Afterwards she will discuss with the international participants, academic experts as well as students from all over Europe, on New Tendencies in the Evolution of Federalism at Local, European and World Level.

The Altiero Spinelli Institute for Federalist Studies (Torino) organises these yearly international seminars on the island of Ventotene to discuss federalist ideas and their application to the European and global context. This island off the Italian coast was the place where Altiero Spinelli was imprisoned during the Second World War and where he wrote the important "Federalist Ventotene Manifesto".

Altiero Spinelli
In June 1941, Spinelli and a small group of fellow prisoners completed the Ventotene Manifesto, a document in support of a new European federalist movement. Because of a need for secrecy and a lack of proper materials at the time, the Manifesto was written on cigarette papers and concealed in the false bottom of a tin box. It was then circulated through the Italian Resistance, and was later adopted as the programme of the Movimento Federalista Europeo, which Spinelli founded in August 1943. The Manifesto puts forward proposals for creating a European federation of states, the primary aim of which was to tie European countries so closely together that they would no longer be able to go to war with one another.

Early in the life of the European Community, Spinelli became an Italian representative on the European Commission from 1970 to 1976, taking responsibility for industrial policy. Towards the end of his life, he became one of the main proponents behind the Single European Act. In 1993, one of the buildings of the European Parliament in Brussels was dedicated the Altiero Spinelli Building in honour of his lifetime of work toward building the European community (it commonly abbreviated as the ASP building).

Ventotene, September 2-7, 2007

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