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Phd Programme | Visiting PhD students

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Reza Attarzadeh

Institute for Earth Observation


PhD at University of Tehran (Iran)

Title: Optimizing Soil Moisture Estimation from Polarimetric SAR Imagery in Agricultural Lands

Short abstract: Using polarimetric SAR data for retrieving soil moisture is a common approach. My thesis aim is to optimize soil moisture retrieval from polsar data using soft computing methods in order to use it in a practical approach.

Supervisor(s)​: Jala Amini (University of Tehran)

Stay at Eurac Research11/2016-05/2017​​

Silvia Hofer

Institute for Applied Linguistics


​PhD at University of Vienna (Austria)​

Title: Standard German and languge variation in South Tyrolean high schools

Short abstract: The aim of my study is to investigate how teachers and learners in South Tyrolean high schools view language variation and how they deal with the pluri-centricity of the German language. I will use a mixed-methods approach to answer the research questions: both qualitative (expert interviews, focus groups) and quantitative data (questionnaires) will be analysed.

Supervisor(s)​: Rudolf de Cillia (University o​f Vienna)

Stay at Eurac Research10/2013-09/2018​​

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​​Garfield Wayne Hunter

Institute of Renewable Energy


PhD at ​Tongji University in Shanghai (China)

Title: Planning and Sustainable Energy Performance of Urban Settlements

Short abstract: My study uses a problem-structuring method to explore the nexus between urban planning and sustainable energy planning in urban settlements. This will create a decision-support system that can measure the performance of urban settlements in meeting their sustainable energy goals, incorporating stakeholders participation, and the development of implementation actions.

Supervisor(s)​: ZHANG Guanzeng (Tongji University)

Eurac Research tutor(s)​: Daniele Vettorato

Stay at Eurac Research: 04/2015-09/2016 

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Mohammad Maleki

Institute for Earth Observation​​


PhD at University of Tehran (Iran)

Title: Estimation of Surface Roughness Parameters from SAR Images Using Fractal Models

Short abstract: One of the important characteristics of soil surface is roughness parameters. Roughness plays an important role in the analysis of SAR images and three-dimensional surfaces..My research aims to estimate roughness parameters from SAR images using fractal models. The results will be applied to the estimation of soil moisture using a theoretical model and a regression method.

Supervisor(s)​: Jala Amini (University of Tehran)

Stay at Eurac Research11/2016- 05/2017​

Niall O'Sullivan

Institute for Mummy Studies


PhD at ​University College Dublin (Ireland)

Title: Analysis of ancient DNA in the era of next generation sequencing

Short abstract: My project aims to analyse ancient DNA extracted from ancient archaeological material. Samples are chosen based on their importance to archaeology both in the Province of Bolzano and in a European context. The analyses will hopefully provide novel insights into ancient populations and demonstrate the applications of different approaches to analysing residual ancient DNA.

Supervisor(s)​: Ron Pinhasi (University College Dublin), Albert Zink (Eurac Research)

Eurac Research tutor(s)​: Frank Maixner

Stay at Eurac Research09/2013-01/2017

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Bernd Wallner

Institute of Mountain Emergency Medicine


PhD at Medical University Innsbruck, (Austria)

Title: Coagulation in Hypothermic Trauma Patients

Short abstract: In my PhD study I am working with Hypothermia and Coagulation in Traumapatients. Hypothermia is defined by a body core temperature below 35 ° C. It can occur accidentally, but is also being used therapeutically. Hypothermia results, irrespective of its genesis, in an impairment of coagulation. The combination of hypothermia, coagulopathy and acidosis is called a lethal triad of trauma and results in a high mortality in patients with multiple traumas.

Supervisor(s)​: Hermann Brugger (Medical University Innsbruck and Eurac Research)

Stay at Eurac Research​: 05/2016 – 04/2017

​​ ​
Brenda Maria Zoderer

Institute for Alpine Environment


PhD at University of Innsbruck (Austria)

Title: Moving beyond "traditional" valuation techniques to elicit people's attitudes towards landscapes and their ecosystem service provision

Short abstract: The main aim of my PhD research is the advancement of valuation techniques to better capture public perception of mountain landscapes and the values they attach to the ecosystem services provided by these landscapes. In particular, a stakeholder analysis is carried out to isolate potential conflicts that might arise due to differences in perception between locals, farmers, and visitors in the region of South Tyrol.

Supervisor(s)​: Ulrike Tappeiner (University of Innsbruck, Eurac Research); Steve Carver (University of Leeds)

Eurac Research tutor(s)​: Erich Tasser

Stay at Eurac Research​​: 10/2015-10/2018

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