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Phd Programme | Visiting PhD students

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Reza Attarzadeh

Institute for Earth Observation


University of Tehran (Iran)

Title: Optimizing Soil Moisture Estimation from Polarimetric SAR Imagery in Agricultural Lands

Short abstract: Using polarimetric SAR data for retrieving soil moisture is a common approach. My thesis aim is to optimize soil moisture retrieval from polsar data using soft computing methods in order to use it in a practical approach.

Supervisor(s)​: Jala Amini (University of Tehran)

Start and end date: 11/2016-05/2017​

​​Garfield Wayne Hunter

Institute of Renewable Energy


​Tongji University in Shanghai (China)

Title: Planning and Sustainable Energy Performance of Urban Settlements

Short abstract: My study uses a problem-structuring method to explore the nexus between urban planning and sustainable energy planning in urban settlements. This will create a decision-support system that can measure the performance of urban settlements in meeting their sustainable energy goals, incorporating stakeholders participation, and the development of implementation actions.

Supervisor(s)​: ZHANG Guanzeng (Tongji University) Daniele Vettorato (Eurac Research)

Research stay at Eurac Research: 04/2015-09/2016 

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Mohammad Maleki

Institute for Earth Observation​​


University of Tehran (Iran)

Title: Estimation of Surface Roughness Parameters from SAR Images Using Fractal Models

Short abstract: One of the important characteristics of soil surface is roughness parameters. Roughness plays an important role in the analysis of SAR images and three-dimensional surfaces..My research aims to estimate roughness parameters from SAR images using fractal models. The results will be applied to the estimation of soil moisture using a theoretical model and a regression method.

Supervisor(s)​: Jala Amini (University of Tehran)

Start and end date: 11/2016- 05/2017​

Bernd Wallner

Institute of Mountain Emergency Medicine


Medical University Innsbruck, (Austria)

Title: Coagulation in Hypothermic Trauma Patients

Short abstract: In my PhD study I am working with Hypothermia and Coagulation in Traumapatients. Hypothermia is defined by a body core temperature below 35 ° C. It can occur accidentally, but is also being used therapeutically. Hypothermia results, irrespective of its genesis, in an impairment of coagulation. The combination of hypothermia, coagulopathy and acidosis is called a lethal triad of trauma and results in a high mortality in patients with multiple traumas.

Supervisor(s)​: Hermann Brugger (Medical University Innsbruck and Eurac Research)

Start and end date: 05/2015 – 04/2018 (research stay at Eurac Research ​from 04/2016 to 04/2017)

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