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Winter School on Federalism and Governance

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The Winter School on Federalism and Governance is a common project of the Institute for Studies on Federalism and Regionalism of the European Academy Bolzano/Bozen (EURAC), the Faculty of Law and the School of Political Science and Sociology of the University of Innsbruck. All editions so far were honoured by the patronage of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. The Winter School analyzes the phenomena of federalism, regionalism and multi-level governance from a legal and a political science perspective. Every edition pays special attention to a particular topic, which is approached in detail by legal scholars, political scientists and practitioners. The next edition of the Winter School will take place from 30 January-10 February 2017 ​and will focusing on "Federalism and Power-Sharing". 

The two-week postgraduate programme welcomes an international audience: 
young researchers and academics, post-graduate or undergraduate students, civil servants from a local, regional or national government as well as employees of international organizations or NGOs.

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Past editions:

Why should you apply to the Winter School? Watch our video and listen to the experiences of the participants!​


​Winter School | ​​Scientific Comm​​ittee | ​​​Organizers & Contact

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