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2015 Edition | Programme Lecturer | Accomodation, Fees and Scholarships​ | Application​​

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In order to apply for the Winter School on Federalism and Governance 2015 candidates have to submit a complete application form (PDF form, see below) via email to winterschool@eurac.edu

In the application form you will be asked to submit your:

  • personal data
  • academic and professional education
  • work experience (if applicable)
  • motivation (max. 250 words)
  • short abstract (max. 500 words) on one of the topics listed below.
​Details regarding the abstract are explained below. Please note that without the abstract the application is not valid!                                                                      
​Please apply using this PDF-application form

To support their application, candidates can submit a short letter or statement of recommendation (from their educational institution and/or workplace) along with the application form.
After completing the PDF-application form (above), please save it and email it to winterschool@eurac.edu
Please note that only complete application forms (including all personal data, motivation and abstract) will be taken into consideration. Please send only the PDF-application form and - if available - a short letter or statement of recommendation, no addtional documents are required.

Application deadline: Sunday, 26 ​October 2014, 23.59 MESZ.
​For problems and questions please contact winterschool@eurac.edu



Detailed information regarding the abstract for the application 

The topics for the abstract are as follows:

A) Participation and Secession Referenda
B) Participatory Forms in Multilevel Environmental Protection
C) Participatory Instruments in Infrastructural Projects
D) Participation in Crossborder Contexts

As part of your application we ask you to write a short abstract of max. 500 words answering ONE of the questions (see below) related to your favourite topic. On one half-day of the Winter School, workshops will be held on these four topics. Based on your choice of topic, you will be assigned to one of the four working groups.

A) Participation and Secession Referenda
1. How can legal rules concerning the initiation of a secession referendum impact on its outcome? Please respond to this question by analyzing a case of your choice.
2. How can legal rules concerning the conduct of a secession referendum impact on its outcome (entrenched majorities etc.)? Please respond to this question by analyzing a case of your choice.  

B) Participatory Forms in Multilevel Environmental Protection
1. Participatory forms in environmental governance: types, advantages, limits, examples.
2. The environmental impact assessment procedure as tool for improving sustainability and democracy in practice.

C) Participatory Instruments in Infrastructural Projects
1. What is the role of institutions in managing infrastructural projects? Please highlight the potential institutions can have in accommodating conflicting interests.
2.  What kind of participatory instruments are been more frequently use in order to allow citizens to voice their interests?

D) Participation in Crossborder Contexts
1. What role can participatory democracy play in cross-border cooperation? Which instruments can be applied? Make examples.
2. Which limits to the use of participatory instruments might derive from the cross-border context? Make examples.


Applications which are successfully submitted and valid will receive a confirmation via e-mail within 5 working days after submission. 

Due to the volume of applications, only short-listed applicants will be contacted by 3 December 2014.
The enrolment procedure (including payment of the tuition fee) has to be completed within 7 working days after notification. 

Any further questions may be addressed to the organizers at winterschool@eurac.edu or 0039-0471-055239.


2015 Edition | Programme Lecturer | Accomodation, Fees and Scholarships​​ | Application​​

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