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High Altitude medical experts from Eurac Research feature prominently in World Congress in Nepal 2018
Hypothermia, altitude sickness or difficulties in adaptation to high altitude, but also evacuation and treatment of trauma patients on high mountains, as well as mountain rescue services in mountainous regions all over the world   these are topics that concern high altitude medicine. And it is also one of the main focuses of research carried out by scientists specialising in high altitude medicine at Eurac Research. With their world-wide research network and on account of their well-respected findings, they were chiefly responsible for organising the last International Congress for High Altitude Medicine in Bozen-Bolzano in May 2014.
Over 600 emergency medicine experts, alpine scientists, mountain rescue workers and mountaineers from 45 countries exchanged their latest research findings.
The next World Congress for High Altitude Medicine will be held in Kathmandu (Nepal) from 21st to 24th November, 2018. This time, it will be the International Society for Mountain Medicine (ISMM) and the Himalayan Rescue Association who will be in charge of the event. Eurac Research will be responsible for the scientific programme of this International Congress. “Events like this World Congress are facilitating a direct exchange on an international level and thus contribute decisively to making progress in terms of developing high altitude medicine”, explains Hermann Brugger, the Director of the Eurac Research Institute for Mountain Emergency Medicine and President of the ISMM.
“Alpine tourism is constantly growing and migratory flows into the mountains, for example in Asia or South America, are on the increase. All over the world, more and more people are moving into the mountains. This explains why high altitude and mountain medicine is gaining increasingly in importance,” summarises Brugger. He spent the last week in Nepal in order to discuss details for the upcoming World Congress on the spot with the organisation team.

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