​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​JOBS​​CALLS​​​​​​​​PR​ES​S​​​​​​RESTRICT​E​D AREA

​Institute for Alpine Environment

Climate and land use change

An innovative framework for the integration of multi-source data to determine soil moisture and evapotranspiration at high resolution in Alpine regions
Financing: Autonomous Province of Bozen/Bolzano-South Tyrol
Period: 2013-2015

Modelling the interaction between water cycle, vegetation and climate in Alpine environments
Financing: Autonomous Province of Bozen-South Tyrol
Period: 2011-2014

Landscape structure analysis

Comparative analysis of the different landscape developments and the causal factors responsible for them
Period: 2001-2015

Comprehensive survey and description of summer alpine pastures of the ARGEALP-area in form of an Atlas.
Financing: Regierungschefkonferenz (ArgeAlp)
Period: 2011-2013

Retreating glaciers and EMERGing Ecosystems in the Southern Alps
Financing: Dr. Herzog-Sellenberg-Stiftung für Geographie & Dr. Erich Ritter-Stiftung - Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft
Period: 2011-2013

Forest Check
Forests in focus - Geoinformation technologies for small-scale forest assessments and inventories
Financing: Förderprogramm Sparkling Science, Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung, Austria
Period: 2010-2013

Reactivating pastures
On the way to diversity
Financing: EU Interreg IV A Bayern - Österreich
Period: 2010-2013

Ecosystem services and restoration of traditional land-use systems in the Southern Alps
Financing: Stemmler-Stiftung & Flora-Immerschitt-Stiftung - Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft  Period: 2010-2013

(Agri)cultural landscape - Strategies for the cultural landscape of the future
Financing: EU Interreg IV Italy - Austria (Project nr. 4684)
Period: 2009-2012

Impacts of changes in climate and agricultural practices on plant diversity and water resources in the sub-alpine zone
Financing: financial support by involved countries
Period: 2008-2011

Measures and strategies for a sustainable mountain agriculture
Financing: EU Interreg IV A Italy - Austria
Period: 2006-2011

Water balance and global change:  future perspectives about climate and land use changes in mountain areas
Financing: Programme Sparkling Science, Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research
Period: 2008-2010

Water quality and land use
Financing: Autonomous Province of Bozen-South Tyrol
Period: 2002-2010

Historical-ecological analysis of different soil uses in Tyrol
Financing: Mountain Agriculture Research Unit - Universität Innsbruck
Period: 2007-2009

Study about the potential impact of agriculture on the maple population within the protected area of "Großer Ahornboden"
Financing: Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung - Abteilung Umweltschutz 
Period: 2006-2007

Land use changes and their affects on biodiversity and on carbon and nitrogen balances in Tyrol
Financing: Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung - Abteilung Bildung 
Period: 2005-2008

Impact of nitrate deriving from agriculture on Southtyrolean waterbodies
Period: 2004-2006

A Europe-wide standardized basic training program in Geographical Information Systems
Financing: EC "Leonardo da Vinci"
Period: 1998-2000

Mountain meadows undergoing change
Financing: EU Interreg II A Italien - Österreich
Period: 1995-1999

Long-term development of the agricultural structures in South Tyrol
Analysis of the structures, their changes and possible developments under different scenarios
Period: 1995-1999

Ecological consequences of land use change on European mountain ecosystems
Financing: EU FP4 (Project nr.: ENV4-CT95-0179) |
Period: 1995-1998

Sustainability / monitoring

Meadow championship 2015
Finanziamento: Provincia autonoma di Bolzano - Alto Adige
Periodo: 2015

Merit Based Income from Sustainable Land Management in Mountain Farming
Financing: ERA-NET Programm RURAGRI (FP 7, CA 235175); Ministero delle politiche agricole alimentari e forestali 
Period: 2013-2015

A wiki for capitalising on spatial-development projects
Financing: co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Alpine Space Programme of the European Territorial Cooperation
Period: 10/2013 – 12/2014

Soil macrofauna as indicators of soil health to monitor the sustainability
Financing: Autonomous Province of Bozen-South Tyrol
Period: 2011-2013

Adaptive management of climate-induced changes of habitat diversity in protected areas  Financing: EU INTERREG IV B Central Europe 
Period: 2010-2013 

Integrated Cluster of Centralized Rural-Urban Nano-economies in the High Mountains of Sinai Peninsula (Middle East) and Alto Adige-Südtirol (Alps)
Financing: private
Period: Sinai Peninsula Research 'Survey/Phase I' 2000-2010 - SinaiAlps Project 'Analysis/Phase II' 2010-2013

Meadow championship 2010 
Who has the most beautiful meadow of South Tyrol?
Financing: AAutonomous Province of Bozen-South Tyrol & Sennereiverband Südtirol 
Period: 2010

Tools of models for a sustainable economy
Financing: Programme proVISION, Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research
Period: 2008-2011

Data Infrastructure for the Alps: Mountain Orientated Network Technology
Financing: EU Interreg IIIB - Alpine Space (Project nr.: A/III/1.1/29) 
Period: 2005-2008

"Objective 2"- Environmental Monitoring
Supervision of environmental aspects of projects implemented in South Tyrol within the EU "objective 2"-programm aimed to revitalising areas facing structural difficulties
Financing: Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare & Autonomous Province of Bozen-South Tyrol- Landesagentur für Umwelt
Period: 2003-2006

Conservation and sustainable use of mountain ecosystems in the context of the Agreement on Biological Diversity and the Alpine Convention
Financing: Umweltbundesamt der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (UBA, Project nr. 202 11 221)
Period: 2002-2008

South Tyrol model
Success factors of a region
Financing: Bank of Trient and Bozen - IntesaBic Group
Period: 1997-2002

Territorial impact analysis in the Alpine region
Method evaluation by means of a pilot project
Financing: Autonomous Province of Bozen-South Tyrol
Period: 1997-1999

Evaluation of the instruments available to the European Union in respect to their effectiveness in shaping the agriculture of the Alps under ecologically sound aspects
Financing: EU FP4 (Project nr. ENV4-CT97-0442) |
Period: 1997-1999

Environmental impact analysis in the Alpine region
Necessity for, demands on, and perspectives of a specific environmental impact analysis  (EIA) for the Alpine region
Autonomous Province of Bozen-South Tyrol
Period: 1994-1996

The Mountain Forest Protocol
Demands on the forest, demands on society. A symposium on the implementation of the Mountain Forest Protocol of the Alpine Convention
Period: 1994-1996

Agriculture in the Alpine region – indispensable but without future?
An Alpine-wide account of current problems and their possible solutions: A conference for the implementation of the Mountain Agriculture Protocol of the Alpine Convention
Period: 1994-1996

Ecologically motivated subventions for the alpine region
Evaluation from the point of view of conserving the local, biotic, and landscape resources
Period: 1993-1996

Research in Protected Areas

Making Good Natura
Making public goods provision the core business of Natura 2000
Financing: EU LIFE+
Period: 2012-2016

Acceptance in protection areas
Survey of local residents and tourists in the Stilfserjoch National Park
Financing: Autonomous Province of Bozen-South Tyrol - Abteilung Natur und Landschaft & EU Interreg II Italien - Schweiz
Period: 2001-2004

An idea for the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park 
Acceptance study, idea contest, and influence control for the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park
Financing: Autonomous Province of Bozen - South Tyrol - Amt für Naturparke
Period: 2001-2003

Lesson units
Lesson materials for nature classes and environmental education
Financing: Autonomous Province of Bozen - South Tyrol - Abteilung Natur und Landschaft & EU Interreg II Italien - Schweiz 
Period: 2001-2002

Research in the Stilfserjoch National Park
Development of strategy paper and monitoring concept
Financing: EU Interreg II Italien - Schweiz 
Period: 1998-2005

Luxes 407
An extraterrestrial alien discovers the mountains
Financing: Autonomous Province of Bozen - South Tyrol - Abteilung Natur und Landschaft & EU Interreg II Italien - Schweiz
Period: 1998-2002

Expansive protected areas in the Alps
Data, facts, background
Period: 1994-1998

Conferences & Seminars

IALE-D Congress
Ecology, resilience and landscape management
Financing: International Association for Landscape Ecology
Dates: 15-17.10.2014

XIX Congress S.It.E.
Dalle vette alpine alle profondità marine
Financing: Autonomous Province of Bozen - South Tyrol - Landesagentur für Umwelt, Südtiroler Sparkasse Foundation, City of Bozen & Export Organisation South Tyrol - Chamber of Commerce Bozen
Dates: 15. - 18.09.2009

Interdisciplinary Mountain Research
Internationales Symposium für junge Wissenschaftler zur Berggebietsforschung
Financing: European Commisison, Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare & Autonomous Province of Bozen - South Tyrol
Dates: 29.09. - 02.10.2004

HeadWater '98, Headwater Control IV: Hydrology, Water Resources and Ecology in Headwaters
Financing: UNESCO, FAO/EFC, IAHR, IECA, IUFRO, WASWC, EU, Autonomous Province of Bozen -South Tyrol, City of Meran, Meraner Kurverwaltung, Etschwerke Bozen 
Dates: 20. - 23.04.1998

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