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Financing 2008-2011: Autonomous Province of Bozen - South Tyrol
: 2008-2018 
Contact: Ulrike Tappeiner, Georg Niedrist


Further information available in German.

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Climate change and global warming may threaten the future availability and quality of water resources in the Alpine region. Alpine streams might be more affected by climate change and anthropogenic impacts than mountain streams at lower altitude. The melting process assumes a key position for the quali-quantitative indirect effects of climate change in lotic ecosystems.

 The main objective is to assess the seasonal distribution patterns of macro- and meiofauna of the Saldurbach, along the longitudinal dimension. Biotic parameters will be related to abiotic variables of the stream, with special regard to those related to ice and snowmelt like discharge, water temperature and turbidity. For this reason, four sampling stations have been selected along the stream, located at increasing distance from the terminus of the glacier.

Further Information: Roberta Bottarin


Scientific publications



Peer-reviewed aticles:

  • PASOLLI, L., NOTARNICOLA, C.,BRUZZONE, L., BERTOLDI, G.,DELLA CHIESA, S.,HELL, V., NIEDRIST,  G., TAPPEINER, U., ZEBISCH, M., DEL FRATE, F. and VAGLIO LAURIN, G. (2011):“Estimation of Soil Moisture in an Alpine Catchment with RADARSAT2 Images,” Applied and Environmental Soil Science, vol. 2011, Article ID 175473, 12 pages, 2011. doi:10.1155/2011/175473

Oral presentations (selection):

  • BERTOLDI, G., DELLA CHIESA, S., ENDRIZZI, S., NIEDRIST, G., RIST, A., NOTARNICOLA, C., LEITINGER, G., TASSER, E. TAPPEINER, U. (2010): Towards Alpine ecohydrology: GEOtop model applications. Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, 21.05.2010.
  • BERTOLDI, G., NOTARNICOLA, C., LEITINGER, G., ENDRIZZI, S., ZEBISCH, M., DELLA CHIESA, S., TAPPEINER, U. (2010): Using Landsat land surface temperature to assess the spatial consistency of a distributed hydrological model in alpine environments. EGU 2010, 02 – 07.05.2010 Vienna, (AT). 
  • DELLA CHIESA, S., BERTOLDI, G., WOHLFAHRT, G., RIST, A., NIEDRIST, G., ALBERTSON, J. D., TAPPEINER, U. (2010): Modelling vegetation dynamics for Alpine meadows. Die VI. Tagung Zoologische und botanische Forschung in Südtirol, 02-03.09.2010 Naturmuseum Bozen, (I).
  • TAPPEINER, U. (2009): Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf den Wasserhaushalt im Alpenraum, 01.12.2009, A.L.S. Weinbau-Seminar, Lichtenstern am Ritten (I).

poster (selection):

  • BERTOLDI, G., DELLA CHIESA, S., NIEDRIST, G., RIST, A., TASSER, E. TAPPEINER, U. (2010): Space-time evolution of soil moisture, evapotranspiration and snow cover patterns in a dry alpine catchment: an interdisciplinary numerical and experimental approach. EGU, 02-07.05.2010, Wien (AT).
  • BERTOLDI, G., DELLA CHIESA, S., NIEDRIST, G., RIST, A., PETITTA, M., TASSER, E., TAPPEINER, U. (2009): Climate Change in South Tyrol: Modeling and Experimental Approach to Estimate Eco-Hydrological Impacts in a Dry Alpine Valley. Environment, Including Global Change, 5-9.10.2009, Palermo (I).
  • NIEDRIST, G., BERTOLDI, G., DELLA CHIESA, S., HELL, V., TASSER, E. and TAPPEINER, U. (2011): Transplantation experiments in an inner-alpine dry valley to predict Climate Change effects on agriculturally used grassland ecosystems. EGU, 04.-08.04.2011, Vienna (AT).
  • TAPPEINER, U., NIEDRIST, G., BERTOLDI, G., DELLA CHIESA, S., LEITINGER, G., HELL, V., TASSER, E. (2010) Water scarcity in mountain ecosystems: Climate Change in South Tyrol: Modeling and Experimental Approach to Estimate Eco-Hydrological Impacts. LTER-Austria conference, 02.11.2010,  Vienna (AT).


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