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Territorial Cohesion in Pluri-ethnic Border Regions

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Territorial cohesion in border regions with minority identities
Detailed Description

EU policies and strategies increasingly emphasize territorial cooperation as a tool to enhance integration and cohesion in Europe. At the same time, the issue of territorial cohesion and the respective role of local and regional authorities and their cooperation across borders is getting increasing attention also within the academic community. However, issues related to the cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity of border regions (often, but not exclusively, deriving from the presence of ethnic minorities in border areas) tend to be neglected in both academic literature and EU policies on territorial cohesion and cooperation.

The project TransCoop aims to fill this gap by combining research on functional crossborder cooperation and research on minority protection and participation, in order to assess possible mutual (positive or negative) effects. Against the background of a broad conceptual definition of integration, the project analyzes in particular the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) as instrument to foster territorial cooperation. The aim is to assess the EGTC as transnational space of policy, both from a conceptual and empiric perspective, focusing in particular on ethnically and linguistically diverse border regions.

Contact: Alice Engl, alice.engl@eurac.edu

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