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Update and reprint the"Mapping the Alps"

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Update and reprint the"Mapping the Alps"
01.03.2011 - 31.12.2018

„Mapping the Alps“ (Eds. Tappeiner U., Borsdorf A., Tasser E.) which has been published in 2008 by the Spektrum Verlag, provides up to now unique information on the Alps: On more than 100 coloured, pan-Alpine maps and accompanying texts it offers detailed information at municipal level on the state of the Alpine environment, society, and economy. In several reviews renowned scientists, journalists and organizations commend the uniqueness and great importance of “Mapping the Alps” as a successful reference book on the Alps.

Project Description

In 2011/2012 the European Union has carried out  a common census in all member states. As in Switzerland and Liechtenstein censuses have already been carried out in 2010, the time has come for a new edition and an update of “Mapping the Alps”.
Aim of the project “Alpenatlas 2.0” is therefore to update and new edit the publication: Tappeiner U., Borsdorf A., Tasser E. (Hrsgs.) (2008) Mapping the Alps. Spektrum Verlag, Heidelberg. 

„Mapping the Alps“ serves the support of researchers and stakeholders which are dependent on up-to-date and precise information during decision-making processes. For the maps in the book the years of the last national censuses around 2000 were used as reference years. Today, 13 years after the last census around the year 2000, an update and new edition of “Mapping the Alps” (in form of a database with a WebGIS application)  is necessary in order to meet the continuous requirement of up-to-date information on the Alps also in the future.

The project is closely connected with WikiAlps what aims at contributing to a balanced and shared territorial development in the Alpine Space, and focuses on the key research field 'Sustainability–monitoring in human-environmental systems' of the 2012-2016 Strategic Plan of the Institute for Alpine Environment and promotes the collaboration inside EURAC Mountains.

Tasser Erich Ignaz
Tappeiner Ulrike
Egarter Vigl Lukas
Marsoner Thomas
Streifeneder Thomas Philipp
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