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European Network of e-Lexicography

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European Network of e-Lexicography
11.10.2013 - 10.10.2017

Computers and the World Wide Web have significantly changed the conditions for the production and use of dictionaries. Today, the Internet offers brand new opportunities, e.g. concerning the presentation of lexicographic data or the interaction with dictionary users. However, for dictionary producers and editors the Internet is not only a source of inspiration, it also generates new challenges. These challenges will be addressed in the frame of a pan-European initiative aiming at cooperation and standardisation at various levels.

Project Description

Computers and the availability of the World Wide Web have significantly changed the conditions for the production and reception of dictionaries. For editors of scholarly dictionaries the Internet is not only a source of inspiration, it also generates new and serious challenges:
(a) To give users easier access to scholarly dictionaries and to bridge the gap between the general public and scholarly dictionaries,
(b) To establish both a broader and more systematic exchange of expertise and common standards and solutions,
(c) To develop a common approach to e-lexicography that forms the basis for a new type of lexicography that fully embraces the pan-European nature of much of the vocabularies of the languages spoken in Europe.
The proposed Action aims to establish a European network of lexicographers in order to deal with the above issues in a structured way.
In particular,
(a) The Action will make lexical knowledge of small and large languages available in a European dictionary portal; this portal will serve as the central reference point for all dictionary users who look for reliable, authoritative dictionary information on the languages of Europe and their histories on the Internet.
(b) The Action will enable cooperation and the exchange of resources, technologies and experience in e-lexicography and provide support for dictionaries which are not yet online.
(c) It will discuss and aim at establishing standards for innovative e-dictionaries that fully exploit the possibilities of the digital medium.
(d) In taking a more common approach to e-lexicography the Action will establish new ways of representing the common heritage of European languages by developing shared editorial practices and by interconnecting already existing information.

The network will facilitate the coordination and progressive expansion and standardization of activity through the work of four Working Groups (WG):
WG 1: Integrated interface to European dictionary content,
WG 2: Retro-digitized dictionaries,
WG 3: Innovative e-dictionaries,
WG 4: Lexicography and lexicology from a pan-European perspective.
In addition, the Action will facilitate the development of multi-professional research collaborations through:
- regular plenary sessions as well as WG meetings and workshops,
- two Action conferences and cooperation with relevant conferences,
- three Training Schools,
- three Short-Term Scientific Missions per year

Abel Andrea
Stemle Egon W.
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