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Indigenous Peoples: Political Participation, Movements & Land Disputes

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Indigenous Peoples: Political Participation, Movements & Land Disputes
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Across the world, more than 350 millions of people self-identify themselves as indigenous, belonging to more than 5,000 different linguistic groups (UN data). Indigenous Peoples (IPs) face everyday discrimination, forced removals from their traditional land, and poor access to health and education, living at the fringes of the society. International bodies such as the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation, along with many non-government organisations, have nurtured a critical mass of global awareness and respect for IPs rights. Nevertheless, the inflexibility of some states towards their IPs is intensifying tensions in the majority-minority relationship and increasing the risk of internal conflicts. Moreover, the economic competing interests over natural resources, in most cases concentrated in IPs territories, may fuel IPs claims and increase the risk of land and political disputes (e.g., European Nordic countries, Russia, Latin America). IPs are growing in strength and their social movements had a say in the establishment of new political scenarios (e.g., in Bolivia and Ecuador).

The new role claimed by IPs in the society and the way states cope with this challenge at legal and political level are the core of IMR research on IPs issues.

Contact: Alexandra Tomaselli, alexandra.tomaselli@eurac.edu

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