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Enhancing knowledge through multilingualism

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european Language Label 2016

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Enhancing knowledge through multilingualism
01.09.2015 - 30.09.2019
Detailed Description

The project is carried out on behalf of Pensplan, the regional institute for supplementary pension schemes. It aims at developing multilingualism and language competences within the company. The main focus lies on fostering passive language competences and functional bilingualism. Strategies for multilingual knowledge management and developing a language policy at company level are also central within the project.

During the first two years, the researchers assess the existing language competences with the help of focus groups, a survey, interviews and a language test. The collected information is used to prepare a tailored plan of actions and measures to be implemented within Pensplan (e.g. training and specific projects). During the second part of the project Eurac Research helps develop a language policy at company level and monitors the developments and the implementation of specific actions and measures.

In December 2016 the project won the European Language Label - subsection lifelong learning. The label is an award encouraging new initiatives in the field of teaching and learning languages, the rewarding of new techniques in language teaching, and spreading the knowledge of languages' existence, thereby promoting good practice.

Chiocchetti Elena
Zanasi Lorenzo
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