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Landslide monitoring and data integration

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Landslide monitoring and data integration
01.02.2016 - 31.01.2018

The project LEMONADE, finaced by the EUREGIO research fund, focuses on mass movements and particularly on landslides. The number of landslide events, as well as the direct and indirect damage caused by slope failures are largely increasing over the last years, calling for the development of more adequate methods for landslide monitoring. Therefore, the overall aim of the LEMONADE project is to evaluate the abilities, potentialities and limitations of new remote and proximal sensing methods for monitoring ground deformations. The project considers and merges different platforms (satellite, UAV, land-based), sensors (imaging, ranging, radar, etc.), techniques (photogrammetry, scanning, etc.) and algorithms to deliver an innovative fusion methodology applicable also to other application fields. Sensor fusion and data integration techniques are used to improve the results of single methods in order to assess the capabilities of a combination of monitoring approaches. The project methodologies are validated in three test sites in the Euregio-Region (Schmirntal-Tyrol, Corvara-South Tyrol, Fortebuso-Trentino), which are affected by very different landslide types, including deep-seated ground deformations, earthflows and rockslides. The outcomes of the project are supporting the development of novel approaches for landslide monitoring and data fusion. Results are reported on the following web site: http://lemonade.mountainresearch.at/. This video shows the project activities and aims in an easily understandable way. Our group is responsible of field data acquisitions and SAR remote sensing and UAV processing for the landslide located in Corvara in Badia. This project supports the consolidation of our Sentinel Alpine Observatory products for landslide monitoring.

Contact person: Romy Schlögel


Website: http://lemonade.mountainresearch.at/

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