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Euroregions, Migration and Integration

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Euroregions, Migration and Integration
Detailed Description


A cross-border project for asylum seekers and refugees 2018-2020


                      Project description

The EUMINT project intends to strengthen institutional cross-border cooperation between Italy and Austria in the territories of Südtirol-Alto Adige (IT), Tirol (AT), Friuli Venezia Giulia (IT), Kärnten (AT), Veneto (IT) and Trentino (IT) in order to tackle the social, economic, political and cultural challenges connected to migration. Common and coherent integration measures in border regions are of prime importance and an added value, particularly for asylum seekers and refugees. The project involves municipal, provincial/regional and euroregional institutions in three different areas. The aim is to consolidate multilevel cross-border cooperation between institutions, strengthening civic and labour integration processes as well as strengthening social cohesion.


Our Eumint project is among the 5 finalists of the #regiostars2019 category “combatting inequalities and poverty” and became second in the Public Choice Award. 🏆✨ Regiostars Award is the European award for the most innovative regional projects. Our Eumint project was selected for the Paris Peace Forum 2019 among 700 project submissions from 115 countries.


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Institutional cooperation:

44 Semi-structured interviews in project area with integration policy actors at different levels to discuss the status quo of integration measures and possible future perspectives.

Organisation and monitoring of 4 cross-border local visits by representatives of integration policy and relevant institutions at various levels in Tyrol, South Tyrol, Carinthia and Trentino.

Ideas workshop to exchange ideas between all actors involved. 

Publication on the topic "Cooperation or parallel worlds? Integration of migrants in Italian-Austrian border areas" with focus on exemplary integration projects in Italy, Austria and other European countries.


Civic integration:

The board game 'The House of Common Values' represents a house with various daily life situations. Asylum seekers, refugees and the local population elaborate short stories and narrate personal experiences out of the scenes represented in the house and link them to the common values listed in Art. 2, EU Treaty: Freedom - Democracy - Equality - Rule of law - Human rights - Minority rights - Human dignity - Pluralism - Non-discrimination - Tolerance - Justice - Solidarity - Gender equality.

Support material of the board game: in-depth guide, short guide, paintings, multilingual values poster, game instruction video, video clips, concept video on common values.

Download further material: 82 encounters on common values in Italy and Austria with more than 700 participants, surveys with more than 500 questionnaires on common values, evaluation of pilot test,


Labour integration:

Innovative evaluation check for practical, hard and soft skills: competence cards, the skills balance, portfolio for employer, portfolio for operator-user.

Online platform combining demands and offers to improve the labour integration of asylum seekers and refugees www.wippcare.com.

New workshops combining minority language, cultural and professional skills

Interactive online mapping of good practices for the social and labour integration of asylum seekers and refugees www.foralps.eu/maps.


                       Eurac Team

Project Coordinator: Roberta Medda-Windischer

Project Manager: Erjon Zeqo, Anna-Kira Pirhofer

Team: Karl Kössler, Andrea Membretti, Andrea Carlá, Giada Maniscalco, Clara Raffaele Addamo, Marzia Bona, Annika Kress


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Beneficiary Partners




 Associated Partners

Autonomous Province of Bolzano - Department of social affairs, Cinformi - Autonomous Province of Trento, Land of Tyrol, Municipality of Innsbruck, EGTC - Euroregion Tyrol - South Tyrol - Trentino, Autonomous Province of Bolzano - Department of education, German culture and integration, Municipality of Bolzano - Department of services to the local community

The project EUMINT is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Interreg V-A Italy-Austria program 2014-2020. www.interreg.net


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