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Gymn@zilla - a program for learning languages while browsing the web Description Contacts Description

Gymn@zilla was developed at EURAC in the context of the Logos Gaias project (partly financed by the EU program Leonardo da Vinci). Oliver Streiter continued development after the project ended. 

Gymn@zilla is an open-source programme, which provides support for understanding texts while browsing the web or local documents. Texts are automatically annotated with word-based translations, definitions, grammatical information, and information on pronunciation, as well as with pictures and other descriptive information. Gymn@zilla keeps the original format of web sites, the added information is placed in boxes that are activated by hovering over words in the text. In addition, Gymn@zilla provides a functionality for saving relevant vocabulary pairs and generating completion exercises. The main sub-modules of Gymn@zilla handle:

  1. the mirroring of web pages
  2. the linguistic processing
  3. the processing and selection of images
  4. the generation of exercises

Gymn@zilla encourages self-dependent/autonomous language learning based on authentic texts. Texts and vocabulary are chosen by the learner, while Gymn@zilla dynamically provides contextualised support for language understanding. The combination of dictionary support, automatic generation of exercises and composition of glossaries helps to improve the learners vocabulary skills. Several language pairs are supported by Gymn@zilla, including German-Italian/Italian-German, German-English/English-German, English-Russian/Russian-English. Furthermore, Gymn@zilla automatically determines the language of the text.

The following people have contributed to the development of Gymn@zilla:
Oliver Streiter, Leonhard Voltmer and Judith Knapp at EURAC, and Daniel Zielinski (University of Saarland).

Further information on the project, as well as technical details are found in our scientific publications on Gymn@zilla:

Gymn@zilla: Language learning with the Internet, O. Streiter, J. Knapp, L. Voltmer, presentation at T.A.L.C, The sixth Teaching and Language Corpora conference, Granada (Spain) 6-9 July, 2004.

Gymn@zilla - Esercizi di lingua in rete - learning languages while browsing the web, O. Streiter, J. Knapp, L. Voltmer and D. Zielinski, LA TRADUZIONE SCIENTIFICA ITALO-TEDESCA / ITALIENISCH-DEUTSCHE ÜBERSETZUNG, Bolzano/Bozen, 6-8 November 2003.

Gymn@zilla: A browser-like repository for open learning resources, O. Streiter, J. Knapp and L. Voltmer, paper presented at ED-Media, World-Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunication, Honolulu, Hawaii, 23-28 June, 2003.

GYMN@ZILLA: Ein Lernbrowser, O. Streiter, J. Knapp, L. Voltmer, EURAC Working paper, 2003.

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