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Reading the other: literature and the Ladin and Cimbrian Minorities Objectives Description Partner Financed by Objectives

This project seeks first to develop and then to disseminate in Alto Adige and Trentino secondary schools a teaching programme on Ladin and Cimbrian literature, by focusing on the educational characteristics of literary texts. We adopt a didactic approach that builds upon the multicultural and socio-cultural issues inherent in Ladin and Cimbrian literature. Specifically, it is our intention to highlight linguistic, cultural and ethnic differences in Ladin and Cimbrian literary texts in order to raise awareness of minority languages and their social prestige in Alto Adige and Trentino.


On the basis of a selection of readings of traditional folk tales, myths, fairytales and legends from the Ladin and Cimbrian minorities, together with biographies, autobiographies and memoirs by Ladin and Cimbrian authors, Alto Adige and Trentino students from the Italian- and German-speaking groups will be educated in relation to the cultural and social themes, contents and preoccupations of the Ladin and Cimbrian linguistic groups. The literary texts will therefore be read, studied and interpreted with reference to their capacity to reflect the different socio-cultural issues of these two specific ethno-linguistic groups, dealing with their problems, concerns and value systems.

By reading and engaging with literary texts and historical-cultural values of the Ladins and Cimbri, which show both similarities with and differences to their own, young people from Trentino and Alto Adige belonging to Italian and German linguistic groups will be encouraged to address the cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity of these two ethno-linguistic communities in a more uninhibited manner.


Eppure felice - trotz allem glücklich

La letteratura per conoscere le minoranze


Partner Kulturinstitut Lusérn Ermenegildo Bidese Dipartimento istruzione, formazione e cultura ladina Innovazone e consulenza Erna Flöss Financed by

The project is co-financed by the Autonomous Region Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol.


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