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TermLad II Description Partner Financed by Proiet Termlad II Description

The project on Ladin-language legal and administrative terminology, TermLad II, is involved in developing terminological indices in the field of administrative law. Thanks to the aid of the local governments of Val Gardena and Val Badia, the Office for Language Issues of the Province of Bolzano, the Ladin Pedagogical Institute, and the "Micurà de Rü" Ladin Cultural Institute, some 5000 documents have been assembled and written up in three languages: Italian, German and Ladin. 

The collected administrative documents have been converted to electronic format, and constitute the trilingual corpus of the EURAC, cle, which is consultable on-line, making it possible to document the use of existing Ladin administrative terminology, and to develop proposed translations for the missing terminology.

In October 2005 a conference on Lesser Used Languages and Computational Linguistics was hosted by EURAC.


The TermLad II benefits from the "Lia Rumantscha" collaboration.

Financed by

The TermLad II project has been approved in the context of Interreg IIIA Italy-Switzerland.

Proiet Termlad II

Le proiet sön la terminologia iuridica aministrativa ladina, TermLad II, prevëiga l'elaboraziun de schedes terminologiches tl setur dl dërt aministratif. Cun l'aiüt di comuns dles valades ladines, Gherdëna y Val Badia, dl Ofize chestiuns linguistiches dla Provinzia de Balsan, dl Istitut Pedagogich Ladin y dl Istitut Cultural Ladin „Micurà de Rü" él gnü abiné adöm za. 5000 documënc scric feter dagnora te trëi lingac: talian, todësch y ladin.
I documënc abinà adöm é gnüs trasformà te n format eletronich y rapresentëia le corpus te trëi lingac dl'EURAC che po gnì consulté on-line. Insciö pon documentè l'adoranza dla terminologia aministrativa ladina che esist bele y laurè fora propostes por la traduziun de na terminologia che mancia ciamò.
Le proiet Termlad II é gnü aprovè tl cheder dl program Interreg III A Talia-Svizera y prevëiga la colaboraziun cun la  „Lia Rumantscha".

Cofinaziamënt tl cheder dl program Interreg III A Talia-Svizra

Ai 27-28 d'otober é gnüda tignida al'EURAC la conferënza dal titul: "Rujenedes manco adurvedes y linguistica computazionela".


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