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Sensor System Technologies Lab


The Sensor System Technologies (SST) laboratory is co-managed with the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano and functions as a test centre for  developing technologies, creating devices and sensors and designing integrated solutions for monitoring data acquisition. In particular, Sensor System Technologies offers services ranging from the completion and characterisation of devices (sensors, actuators, batteries, energy harvesters, conditioning electronics) based on printing and micro-fabrication technologies to the embedding of these electronic components in integrated solutions and finally, to the development of applications for data access, analysis and sharing. Sensor System Technologies laboratory provides a wide range of users (researchers, public administrations, enterprises) with the necessary solutions and analysis tools for various application areas, such as environmental monitoring, the Internet of Things (IoT) and precision agriculture. 

Housed within Sensor System Technologies, The Center for Sensing Solutions specifically focuses on the management of SENSING TECHNOLOGIES and DATA INFRASTRUCTURE, SERVICES AND RESEARCH activities, and develops, thanks to its researchers and technicians, the following lines of research and services (link to the services page):

  • Development and characterisation of prototypes of integrated systems

  • Multi-scale and multi-platform data acquisition and integration

  • Development, characterisation and validation of prototypes

  • Development of IoT prototypes

  • Data services: organisation, access, processing, sharing, data analysis and quality control

  • SW development: implementation and engineering of algorithms, web applications, RESTful APIs

  • Data driven decision support systems

  • Cloud computing and automation of monitor applications

  • Data Integration (multi-sensor)


Main machinery/instruments present in the laboratory:

  • Oscilloscopes, Sourcemeter and Power Supply

  • Sensors and Transducers for Environmental Monitoring

  • Cosmic Ray Neutron Probe

  • Data Acquisition/Test/Control Systems

  • Data Acquisition Platforms (UAV, Remote Sensing Receiving Station)

  • Instruments: high-accuracy GNSS set, Spectroradiometer, Leaf Area Index, RGB/Thermal/Hyperspectral Cameras, Phenocams.

  • Wireless Sensor Networks and Connectivity Infrastructure

  • IoT Development Platforms

  • Climate Chamber

  • Spectrum Analyser

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