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Multifunctional Facade Lab

The Multifunctional Facade Lab is a laboratory that can evaluate, either in dynamic or static mode, the thermal and energy performance of traditional building components (e.g. walls, windows and doors) and of innovative building envelope systems, such as walls and floors that integrate active solar systems for energy production or radiant circuits.

​The laboratory is equipped with:
  • a double chamber with a guard-ring (the Guarded Hot-Box) built in accordance with standards UNI EN ISO 8990 and UNI EN ISO 12567-1;
  • a solar simulator with lamps that emulate solar radiation;
  • an external hydraulic circuit for evaluating the energy performance of hydraulic systems integrated in building components;
  • a detailed monitoring system of sensors and data acquisition instruments that measure significant physical parameters with the aim of determining the characteristics of the test sample.
When conducting the tests, the specimen is inserted into a frame located between the two climate chambers that simulate interior air conditions (a hot box consisting of a guard box and a measurement box) and exterior air conditions by controlling the temperature, humidity and air velocity. The solar simulator reproduces the irradiation conditions on the external surface of the test sample while the hydraulic circuit controls any active hydraulic systems integrated in the sample. The laboratory tests standard elements in accordance with the requirements of standard UNI EN ISO 8990.

The aperture in the panel at the bottom of the cold-box and the solar lamps permit the evaluation of the energy performance and thermal properties of active envelope elements with solar systems, in both static and dynamic modes. The hydraulic circuit can be used to calculate the heat absorbed by the active element as well as the heat removed or delivered throughout systems embedded in the construction element. For testing activated building systems (radiant wall/ceiling/floor systems), connection to the hydraulic circuit and local measurement of heat flows allow the evaluation of the static and dynamic yield performances of the element.

The services offered by the ​Multifunctional Facade Lab are addressed to:
  • companies that wish to test thermal performance of their products in com​pliance with standards;
  • companies and planners, who wish to develop innovative products (from idea to design, prototyping, measurement and evaluation of energy performances and their optimization.)
​For further informations please contact Giordano Miori.
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