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Heating solutions in Europe: an analysis of the status quo
In the framework of the Horizon2020 HARP Project, coordinated by ADENE (Portugal), an analysis of the building stock combined with the heating appliances stock was undertaken for the following countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal. Moreover, an aggregated analysis of the EU27+UK was added.
The study is propaedeutic to pursue the project’s main objective: motivating individuals to plan the replacement of their often outdated and fossil-fuel operated heating appliances, with more efficient alternatives. Through a smartphone application, the HARP project will enable individuals to obtain an indication of the labelling classification of their heating system.

Eurac Research analysed domestic hot water and space heating installed technologies in single-family houses (SFH) and multi-family houses (MFH) with centralised or autonomous/dwelling heating solutions.
The following technologies for space and water heating were taken into consideration; gas, oil, coal and biomass boilers, heat pumps, electric space heaters, gas and electric water heaters, district heating and solar thermal systems.
For every country and building type, we characterised the heating appliances stock in terms of number of units installed, thermal capacity installed, yearly energy consumption and the average age of the installations.

The analysis is available on the HARP project’s website: https://heating-retrofit.eu/resources/

For further information: riccardo.marchetti@eurac.edu


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