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SOLARE PV LAB & Accelerated Life Testing Lab

Solare PV lab: Eurac Research's flash solar simulator measures the electrical output of photovoltaic modules and systems. The tests performed in this lab not only enable various technologies to be compared under constant and controllable conditions, but can also be used to verify the statements made by manufacturers on guaranteed levels of performance.Accelerated Life Testing Lab:The climatic chamber (1.3 x 1.5 x 2.2 m) simulates accelerated life cycles of industrial products, such as photovoltaic modules, plastics and electronic components, in order to assess how their performance will deteriorate over their useful life. The tests are conducted under a range of controlled conditions, including temperature and air humidity.
A.-Volta-Straße 13/A/Via A.Volta 13/A
Tel. +39 0471 055 600
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