Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”  Albert Einstein  

This is the way we think, when we want to inspire young and old with a passion for science.

Every Wednesday evening in the EURAC science café on the Tower Terrace you are invited to indulge in a scientific discussion. Whether you want to see things bubbling and hissing in the laboratory, or endlessly ask questions of a scientist, or even put on a white coat and get stuck into some research yourself, the Long Night of Research is THE event for you. EURAC’s magazine “ACADEMIA” gives readers an exciting insight into the world of science, whilst the exhibitions we hold in the EURAC Tower bring Art and Science together in stimulating displays. EURAC junior takes science into the classroom and builds bridges between the school curriculum and research at EURAC. And you can actually buy Science to Take Home in the EURAC shop!