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Research tools and utilities

​​​PRIMO lists the complete holdings of the Library: monographs, journals, CDs and CD-ROMs, electronic documents and DVDs.

Other Catalogues 

Library of the Free University of Bozen-Bo​lzano 
Dr. Friedrich Tessmann Library (Bolzano) 
Italian Provincial Library Claudia Augusta (Bolzano) 
Public library C. Battisti of Bolzano 
BIS Biblioteche in rete della Provincia di Bolzano-Alto Adige   

CBT Catalogo Bibliografico Trentino 
SBN Sistema bibliotecario nazionale (Italian national catalogue) 
KVK Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog 
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek 
Österreichischer Bibliothekenverbund 
British Library 
Library of Congress 

Journal Catalogues

ACNP Catalogo italiano dei periodici 
ZDB Zeitschriftendatenbank  

EURAC online resources

Access to on-line resources to which EURAC is subscribed  (on the EURAC network):
A-Z List: for browsing databases and e-journals by title or by subject.
360 Search: searches for articles across selected databases.


Database access from EURAC network (IP identification)

Science direct: or alternative access (requires registration): http://nera.cineca.it/vufind/
Full text access to around 2,000 journals

Wiley online library
Multidisciplinary collection of online resources


Abstract and citation database

Web of Science  

Citation database

Journal Citation Report  
Citation data from over 11,000 journals   
Access to statistical data from 18.000 sources

Lex 24 
Legal database of the "Sole 24 ore" (password required, ask your librarian)

Appalti e contratti
Legal database of Maggioli editore (password required, ask your librarian)

It is a software program that enables users to save and organise their bibliographic researches in several formats.

EURAC develops and administrates various linguistic and legal databases (like ELDIT, BISTRO and MIRIS).

EURAC publications

EURAC's publications can all be consulted in the library. A list of these publications can be found here​.​

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