Andrew A. Hicks, Ph.D.
Andrew A. Hicks, Ph.D.
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Main fields of activity
molecular neurobiology
molecular genetics of intermediate traits and complex disease
Andrew joined the Center for Biomedicine  in August 2007, and, as Deputy Scientific Director, works alongside Peter, the Head of the Center, in helping set and execute science strategy alongside a role in coordinating use of CBM resources in many of the outreach research activities that the Center is involved in. In this way he has a wide overview of the myriad cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic research projects currently using CBM data.  

Andrew’s primary role as Group Leader of the Neuromedicine group within the Center for Biomedicine is to promote the use of molecular genotyping and phenotyping platforms (i.e. ‘omics’ platforms such as genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics and proteomics) to support population and case oriented research into some of the pressing neurological issues facing society. Increasing life expectancy makes neurodegenerative diseases the most pressing health problem for the coming generation, with associated health care costs amounting to many billions of Euros each year, and an immeasurable suffering to society.  Diseases caused by degeneration of the CNS (neurodegeneration) are currently the fourth most significant healthcare issue facing the world. By 2040, the World Health Organisation predicts that neurodegenerative disorders such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease will have overtaken cancer to become the second leading cause of death.  

Overall, the research strategy is to use deep molecular phenotyping alongside suitable cellular and animal model systems to better understand the fundamental mechanisms of disease processes and through this process derive knowledge to drive translational programs that will return benefit to patients through improved diagnostic capacity, better disease management and the development of rational treatments.  

Andrew’s research focus for the Neuromedicine group is currently centred around the molecular and genetic mechanisms of neurological problems such as Parkinson’s disease and neurodegeneration alongside sleep disorders, but plans are being put into place to expand the research to include pain disorders, as pain management is a burgeoning problem in the population.  

Andrew graduated from the University of Oxford in 1985 (Biochemistry, Chemical Pharmacology, Molecular Genetics) and completed his PhD in Molecular Neurobiology in 1989 at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. Following a 2 year position as Senior Research Associate for Neurosciences at Peterhouse, Cambridge, examining a role for neurotransmitter receptors in psychiatric and neurological disease, he moved to a post of Project Leader  in the CNRS laboratory of Jacques Mallet in Paris, investigating the molecular mechanisms of plasticity in the brain. In 1998 he took a position as Project Leader at deCODE genetics Inc. in Iceland where he stayed until 2007 directing the movement disorder projects (working mainly with Parkinson’s disease and Restless Legs Syndrome) alongside his research into other neurological disorders.

Recent and Selected Publications

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