Silvia Croce

Silvia Croce

Silvia Croce

Institute for Renewable Energy

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Main research interests:

  • Solutions for climate resilient and sustainable cities
  • Urban microclimate and outdoor thermal comfort
  • Nature-based solutions for an integrated design of the urban built and natural environment

Silvia Croce is a Post-Doc researcher at the Institute for Renewable Energy. She is a building engineer - architect by training and holds a PhD in Engineering at the University of Padova. She is active in several European projects, including JUSTNature, and Varcities. Furthermore, she was active member of IEA SHC Task 51 “Solar energy in urban planning”, and currently is co-leading sub-task B “Economic strategies and stakeholder engagement” of IEA SHC Task 63 “Solar Neighborhoods Planning”.

Her research work aims at gaining insights into solutions for an integrated design of the urban built and natural environment, with focus on outdoor microclimate, thermal comfort, energy savings and renewable energy production.


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EU H2020 ARV - Klimapositive zirkuläre Gemeinschaften

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Societal Challenge (Horizon 2020 /EU funding /Project)