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X World Congress on Mummy Studies 2021


We have the distinct pleasure to invite you to participate in the X World Congress on Mummy Studies - WMC2021 and the IV Bolzano Mummy Congress, to be held in Bolzano, 13 -17 September, 2021. The scientific program will focus on all aspects of mummy research, ranging from recent technological and methodological advancements to conservation of mummies and the museological use and ethical aspects of mummified remains. A particular focus will be given to the topic “Standards in Mummy Science”. Thereby, we would like to enhance the discussion and development of standardized approaches for the study of mummies, including data interpretation, contextualization, as well as conservation and ethical aspects.

The congress will include keynote lectures, podium presentations and poster sessions. In addition, we are planning to organize workshops, round table discussions and a tour to visit the Iceman finding site.

Visit the Congress webpage for further detail.

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