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INQUIMUS workshop

​EURAC / Bolzano -  October 28-29, 2015

"Challenges in Q² methodologies to acquire and integrate data for the assessment of risk, vulnerability and resilience"

[Q² or Q squared stands for qualitative and quantitative]

The Group 'Risk, Vulnerability and Climate Change' of EURAC's Institute for Applied Remote Sensing organises the 2nd INQUIMUS workshop. This year's topic is Challenges in Q² (= quantitative and qualitative) methodologies to acquire and integrate data for the assessment of risk, vulnerability and resilience". 

The thematic focus of this workshop is set on the variety of methodologies to collect and integrate data and information (for example models, statistics, in-situ measurements, remote sensing, network and pattern analyses, historical documents and maps, expert interviews, stakeholder questionnaires or participatory inquiries). 

We will tackle the different types of integration at different levels, starting with the combination of data (number crunching) at a very early stage of the assessment to an interdisciplinary integration of information and knowledge at the systemic level. 

Against this background, we have identified the following key questions:

  • How suitable and how relevant are the various available methods for holistic / systemic assessments?
  • In how far can we achieve through a combination / integration of these methods a full picture of all those aspects shaping risk, vulnerability or resilience?

The event will bring together scientists and practitioners from various backgrounds representing quantitative and qualitative re­search and related methodologies.

Participation & Registration

Participation is by invitation or on acceptance after submitting a short abstract

There is no participation fee for participating in the INQUIMUS workshops but all participants have to bear their own costs.

Deadline for registration / abstract submission: September 10, 2015

Please submit your abstract: remote.sensing@eurac.edu

Abstracts accepted will be informed by Sep 25, 2015.

For more information about the workshop download the flyer​

Download the flyer

About the INQUIMUS series

INQUIMUS is a series of workshops dealing with research questions on integrating quantitative and qualitative assessment methodologies for multi-dimensional phenomena. It started last year with a workshop on "Spatial indicators and assessment of vulnerability and resilience"​ at the Department of Geoinformatics (Z_GIS) at the University of Salzburg, Austria.

The purpose of these highly interactive workshops is to identify common achievements and methodological challenges that support the research community in overcoming constraints and enable to identify ways ahead.

Additionally, these workshops provide for the possibility to exchange with practitioners who have experience in the application and operationalization of concepts and assessment approaches


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