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Administrative Departments

Communication, Research Support Office, Health Safety & Environment, Facility Management, Legal Office, Information Technologies, Controlling & Accountancy, Human Resources, Statistics Office, Representing Offices

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Working collaboratively with academic and administrative units across Eurac Research’s institutes and centers as well as with our community partners and media, we enhance understanding and support for research and innovation on a local and ...

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Research Support Office

We support Eurac Research in the ever-changing international scientific landscape and across the entire research lifecycle, with a view to maximize success in research funding, support early career researchers and participate in developing policy ...

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Health, Safety & Environment

We are committed to providing a healthy, safe, and sustainable research and work environment for all our staff working in labs, the field or at their desks.

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Legal Office

We provide support in drafting and reviewing contracts, regulations and other legally relevant documents. In addition, we act as Data Protection Officer (DPO) as well as Special Attorney.


We work closely with the administrative departments, institutes, and centres of Eurac Research to meet their needs and support them in the execution of procurement procedures.

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Facility Management

In total our facilities cover 10000 square meters which are continuously maintained and upgraded by Eurac Research facility management.

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Information Technologies

We are committed to providing digital information and communication services that enable Eurac Research to achieve its mission to advance cutting edge research with the goal of sustainably taking our research into the digital age.

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Controlling & Accountancy

We coordinate Eurac Research’s day-to-day financial operations and contribute to higher profitability and optimization of resources.

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Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is responsible for all matters pertaining to the institute's employees. Its primary tasks involve managing the personnel records of the employees, such as contracts and the attendance register. The Human Resources ...

Statistics Office

The Statistics Office Department supports Eurac Research in the conception of research projects and research designs in order to achieve the most comprehensive data possible in order to extract meaningful insights which comply with our high quality ...

Representing Offices

Outside of Bolzano, Eurac Research has a representative office in Rome and in Vienna.