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Our research structure is organised into institutes and centers. As indicated its charter, the President has the task of drawing up scientific and managerial guidelines, while the role of the Director is to promote research activity through implementation of those guidelines.

As a private association, Eurac Research holds a general assembly once a year to approve the budget and appoint administrators and the Supervisory Board or the Statutory Auditor. The Board of Directors meets periodically to approve the administrative guidelines, elect the officers and draft the budget.

The scientific activities of Eurac Research's institutes are governed by individual Scientific Advisory Councils that direct the studies and evaluate their results. The councils also perform in an advisory function to other managerial bodies for issues of technical or scientific nature. Several departments manage Eurac Research's administrative activities.

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Organigram, General Assembly, Boards of Directors, Statutory Auditor

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Scientific Advisory Councils

The Scientific Advisory Councils are Eurac Research's central scientific body, composed of an international team of experts. Their role is to determine the direction and evaluate the results of research performed at Eurac Research, as well as to supervise ...

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