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Alessio Buonomo is a temporary research fellow at the University of Naples Federico II. He is part of the editorial board of the Rivista Italiana di Economica, Demografia e Statistica (RIEDS). He obtained his PhD in School of Statistical Sciences (Demography) from the Department of Statistics at the University of Rome La Sapienza. He completed the program European Doctoral School in Demography (EDSD) at the University Warsaw School of Economics (ESG) in Poland, after successfully passing the preparatory courses at the Max Palnk Institute for demographic research in Rostock (Germany). He did also a transnational visiting grant at the Centre for Demographic Studies (CED) in Barcellona for the In-Grid2 project. Alessio's main research interests are migration, education, employment and political participation of natives and individuals with migratory background. Specifically he studied characteristics and determinants of migration (internal and international) of nationals and foreigners. He has also conducted research on school enrolment and early school leaving, in particular focusing on foreigners and second generation. Furthermore, he studied social and psychological aspects of the labour integration of the population with migratory background.

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Passive or active subjects? Immigrants’ political participation in Italy

07 June 2022