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Salvatore Strozza is full professor in Demography at the University of Naples Federico II. He is the coordinator of a one-year Master of 2nd level in “Gestione delle migrazioni e dei processi di accoglienza e inclusione” [Management of Migration and Reception-Integration Processes]. Since November 2020 he is President of the Italian Society of Economics, Demography and Statistics (Società Italiana di Economia Demografia e Statistica - SIEDS). He is the scientific coordinator of the operational units of the University of Naples Federico II (IT) of the 2017 PRIN research project titled “Immigration, integration, settlement. Italian-Style”. He is the author of more than 270 articles or chapters in scientific journals, volumes and conference acts, the (co)author of some books (monographic volumes) and the (co)editor of fifteen volumes and five special issues of scientific journals. His last book, which was written together with Conti C. and Tucci E., is entitled: “Nuovi cittadini. Diventare italiani nell’era della globalizzazione” [New national citizens. Becoming Italian in the era of globalization], published by Il Mulino (Bologna, 2021).

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Passive or active subjects? Immigrants’ political participation in Italy

07 June 2022