Wanda Spahl

Wanda Spahl


Wanda Spahl is a social scientist who researches health, migration and biopolitics. The research article introduced in this blog is part of her PhD project on refugees' health needs in Austria (planned graduation spring 2023). She has already published on the topic in the Turkish context and with regard to the lived solidarity of care providers. She was a university assistant at the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Solidarity, University of Vienna, and co-leader of the research project "Solidarity in Times of a Pandemic". In 2022, Wanda Spahl co-founded PARABOL, an association that aims at advancing artistic research. For PARABOL, she works on digital artistic methods as an innovative way for (re-)presenting social science research and reflects their epistemological potential, for example through the ongoing artist – researcher collaboration GEOGRAPHY OF GHOSTS. Currently, she is also looking for a new job in her fields of expertise. Contact:; @WandaSpahl

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Solidaristic inclusion through healthcare

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