Agritourism Global Core Values

Agritourism Global Core Values
Agritourism - © Gerhard Bögner, Pixabay

When we hear ‘agritourism’, we immediately image enjoyable experiences –for fun or personal growth— related to agriculture. The term points to a marriage between Agriculture and Tourism, but what exactly does agritourism mean?

A universal definition of agritourism is not simple because it is dependent on unique geocultural attributes (e.g., landscapes, ways of living) and specific policies delimiting it. For example, can agritourism happen in communal lands? We might agree affirmatively. What about if the experience happens in a forested area that was burned for short-term cultivation and later abandoned for forest succession (slash-and-burn)? We might have some eyebrows raised.

For the past months, the Definitions and Standards Committee of the Global Agritourism Network, has been working to identify common ground towards a unified definition of agritourism. Monthly meetings among members from 14 countries from the Americas, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Europe has already yielded five core values:

  1. Agritourism results from the synergistic intersection of tourism and agriculture;
  2. Agritourism is an agricultural diversification activity;
  3. Agricultural production is the basic function of the agritourism setting. Direct derivatives are supporting functions of agritourism;
  4. Agritourism showcases the agricultural, natural, social, and cultural resources of the region or locality, both tangible and intangible; and
  5. Agritourism provides authentic experiences.

The committee’s work is still ongoing. After the agritourism core values are finalized, discussions will focus on creating a ‘high level’ definition that can be adapted to different geocultural contexts. A unified definition can serve to support stakeholders (notably farmers), underpin the many benefits agritourism brings to farmers and society, assist advocacy and policy efforts, and strengthen educational and research opportunities worldwide.

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Barbieri Carla

Barbieri Carla

Dr. Carla Barbieri is a Professor and an Extension Specialist at North Carolina State University. She founded and leads the Agritourism & Societal Well-being Lab, which investigates emerging issues influencing the success of agritourism. Her extension program addresses the needs of farmers offering agritourism experiences, seeking to enhance their quality of life and the well-being of rural communities. Barbieri has led agritourism-related studies regionally and nationally in the USA, as well as internationally.


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Barbieri, C. Agritourism Global Core Values.

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