Provence and Piedmont: About Multiple, Shifting and Forged Identities

20 September 2022
Winter landscape of the Nebbiolo vineyards - © Unsplash Mario La Pergola

Mattia Bottino

Mattia Bottino is a Junior Researcher at the Institute for Comparative Federalism of Eurac Research. He is currently pursuing a Second-level Master’s Degree in participatory processes, communities, and networks of proximity. He holds a MA in International Relations and a BA in Political, Social and International Sciences from the University of Bologna. His research interests comprise deliberative processes (especially in divided societies), national minority rights and nationalism studies. He is passionate about interculturalism, foreign and (Romance) minority languages, history and Albanological studies. Walking in nature is for him the best form of self-love.

Mattia Bottino. Provence and Piedmont: About Multiple, Shifting and Forged Identities.

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