All EU-r rights

The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union is the EU’s bill of rights. It is of direct relevance to all of the 445 million persons living in the EU, yet, only a minority of those people (42%) say they are aware of the Charter. Furthermore, the majority (60%) wish to be informed about the Charter rights.

However, it is difficult to find expert information in an accessible, concise format which is written in an understandable language. The 20th anniversary of the proclamation of the Charter exacerbates the demand for such information.

Against this background, Eurac Research and the Institute for Comparative Federalism, invited Gabriel N. Toggenburg to conceptualise and write this blog series. He writes this series in an honorary capacity and is grateful for the honour to have each blog entry - one entry per Charter provision - introduced by a piece of art by Miloladesign. The views expressed in his series “All EU-r Rights” are his own and cannot be attributed to his current or former employers.

09 February 2021eureka

The 17th of all EU-r rights: property and how the Charter contributes

Gabriel Toggenburg

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