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Career Center

The point of reference for career development and next career steps in and outside Eurac Research

What does career development mean for Eurac Research?

Career development is not just about vertical growth within an organisation. In our vision, it´s a continuous journey of enrichment and awareness where both hard and soft skills, in addition to the quality of relations within the working environment, are cultivated, addressed and empowered for the real professional well-being of our employees.

Why a Career Center?

Over the years Eurac Research has developed its awareness on how strategically important it is to take care of its own and ensure an ongoing learning and growing process by continuously providing up-to-date services and initiatives for researchers and administrative professionals.

Because our staff are the real capital of Eurac Research!

Our Philosophy

We built this Career Center as a Hub for brand new services, learning opportunities and events, as well a means to promote equally beneficial synergies between research support departments, such as Education & Training, Communication, the Welcome Office and the Research Support Office in order to nurture every aspect of career development at Eurac Research.

Target Group

After a first year during which this service was offered to internal scientific staff only, starting from mid 2023 internal administrative collaborators can also benefit from it. Career Center guidance and services are customized according to individual development plans.

This bespoke service not only provide exit pathways consultancy for departing collaborators, but it also aims at providing professional enrichment for permanent staff as well as preliminary entrepreneurial advice for innovative start-ups.

The Process

The Career Center process is composed of four activity clusters whereby the CC participant will be guided through the different steps and associated interactions.


Following an initial briefing the participant will be asked to complete a Self-Evaluation assignment based on a list of skills most representative of a specific research/administrative role at its most senior level.

Individual Career Strategy

The next step is for Human Resources and the CC participant to meet and together define an Individual Career Strategy and three main short-term goals by selecting the best resources and services for each participant’s unique developmental needs.


During the Implementation stage, an ongoing discourse between HR and CC participant will be undertaken to assess progress and if necessary, adapt the action plan.


At the end of the journey a final meeting will be held to Conclude the process and discuss individual insights, understanding and results.

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The Services


A process of personal growth in which the course is defined by specific objectives and an expert or coach. Coaching is a partnership whereby the coach, through a creative approach, encourages and inspires an individual or group to maximize their personal and professional potential. Meetings are by appointment and are coordinated by HR. Coaching sessions are available in Italian, English and German.


Nowadays mentoring is defined as a guided and applied learning process where a more experienced professional shares know-how with less experienced colleague, in order to promote their personal growth and professional skills. Within Career Center the participant will choose from two mentoring initiatives:

  • Eurac Ambassadors: short mentoring encounters with Heads of Institute or Research / Technical Group Leaders

  • Shadow Days: individual interactions with former Eurac Research employees to discuss future opportunities, share initiatives and from cross-sectoral networks.

Career Portal

The Career Portal is a multimedia repository where the CC participant can access an organised panel of services, digital resources, webinars, video lessons and interviews focused on helping and inspiring their career strategy through specific topics.

Topics covered by the Career Portal:

  • For Career/Professional Development Pathways

    • Leadership and people management
    • Networking
    • Soft skills enhancement
  • For Exit Pathways

    • Succeeding in job interviews
    • Social media for job searches
    • Personal Branding
    • External job opportunities
  • Success Stories

    Section within the Career Portal containing interviews and testimonials from both the research and economic sector which aims at providing inspiration for future career choices for CC participants.

Start up incubators

A panel of useful links to assist CC participants in defining a business project at each step and a platform for contacts with major incubators in South Tyrol and Trentino who can offer customised consultancy.

Eurac Alumni (work in progress)

Eurac Research, in order to enhance its network between present and former employees, is creating a digital platform for the dissemination of information, project proposals, promotion of events, job postings and mentoring sessions.

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