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Internship in the field of Advanced control strategies for adaptive facades

The proposed master thesis will focus on the development of an advanced control strategy for adaptive façades (i.e. Double Skin Façade, Single Skin with smart glazing). The innovative strategy is based on an optimization algorithm that uses a reduced model to enhance the computational time. The developed strategy will be implemented to control the adaptive façade samples installed in the Multilab and compared with more widespread strategies (i.e. Rule-Based Control). Within the thesis work, the intern will be asked to: (i) design one or multiple Rule-Based control strategies to be used as baselines, (ii) define and identify a reduced, control-oriented model (i.e. grey-box or black box), (iii) set up the co-simulation environment to allow the implementation of the advanced control strategy, (iv) support the development of the advanced control strategy, (v) plan and support the experimental campaigns in the Multilab to implement the control strategies in real-time, (vi) analyse the outcome data (both simulative and experimental) to compare the different control strategies.

The main scope of the work is to: * Develop different strategies to control adaptive facades. * Test and compare strategies on the adaptive façade samples at simulative and experimental level.

The intern will interact with the Eurac team besides other national and international partners.


The candidate will work on: * Definition of rule-based control strategies * Development of the control-oriented model (grey-box/black-box model) to replicate the thermal behaviour of the thermal zone * Implementation of the optimization algorithm * Implementation and comparison of the two control strategies on the adaptive façade samples


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering
  • Knowledge on building physics
  • Knowledge on data analytics
  • Base knowledge of coding (Python is preferred)
  • Knowledge of grey-box modelling is a plus.
  • Fluent in English
  • Availability to start in September/October 2021

We offer:

  • The opportunity to work on a master thesis dealing with an innovative topic
  • The opportunity to work in a young international team in a fast-growing sector
  • Working conditions which allow professional growth and know how acquisition with carrier opportunity as applied researcher
  • An internship for Master thesis position for a period of six (6) months

How to apply:

  • Interested candidates should submit their application (CV, cover letter and further relevant documents) by 05.09.2021 to the following address:

Eurac Research
Institute for Renewable Energy
Viale Druso 1 – 39100 Bolzano
Email: - Tel: +39 0471 055 600 / Fax: + 39 0471 055 699

For further information please contact Tel: +39 0471 055 654

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