Evolution: in numbers

The growth of a research center can be traced to a series of events, decisions and circumstances that influence each other over the years. While data in annual Activity Reports shows the situation at a given time, this page examines how the trends have changed since our founding.

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Links between data on personnel and the institutional organization over time

This chart connects numbers regarding staff, branches of our research center and facilities; by clicking on the letters one can discover the events that marked the changes. The time series is accurate for fixed-term, permanent and apprenticeship contracts. Other types of contracts such as CoCoCo are not included. This is the reason why a higher total of collaborators is reported in the final annual graphs.

AIn 1997 Eurac Research founded the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano and in 1999, the Academy of Design: although one cannot see it in the chart, in those months more than one-fifth of Eurac Research’s original employees moved to contribute to Bolzano’s new academic institution. However, new reinforcements soon arrive to replace them.

European Research

The European Commission funds research projects on the basis of programs that run over seven years (e.g., Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, EFRE). This graph shows the projects approved year by year and, in each programming period, the total number of projects carried out and their related EU contribution. Click on the letters to see the progression explained.

Scientific Publications

The development of peer reviewed articles and citations

Since 1992, we have published around 3,000 articles in scientific journals and have received more then 100 thousand citations.

Source: Scopus - Elsevier B. V. (Scopus is one of the leading bibliographic databases of peer reviewed publications. It offers one of the broadest coverages of scientific literature. Publications and citations are subject to delayed indexing from the actual date of publication.) The graph is based on data extracted from Scopus in February each year. Over time, citation figures accumulate and change from one year to the next. The Scopus publication figures can be refined retroactively at any point. Therefore, the total yearly publication figures are subject to change. This graph is updated yearly not only with new data about the most recent year, but also with refined data about the previous years.

Books and more

This chart shows the annual production of books, differentiating between books written or edited by Eurac Research researchers as well as individual contributions in collections or conference proceedings, and other formats. Click on the letters for some interesting facts.