22 September 21

News: Interconnected Disaster Risks Report

UNU-EHS has launched the Interconnected Disaster Risks report

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Nobody is an island. The United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security has just released the Interconnected Disaster Risks report,showcasing how 10 different and apparently unrelated disasters from 2020/2021 are instead interconnected with each other.

The report analyses 10 interconnected disasters that took place in 2020/2021. They were selected for their notoriety and representation of larger global issues, which have changed or will change our lives across the world:

  1. Amazon Wildfires – Wildfires fueled by global appetite
  2. Arctic Heatwave – Spiraling into a climate disaster
  3. Beirut Explosion – When the global community abandons ship
  4. Central Viet Nam Floods – When being prepared is no longer enough
  5. Chinese Paddlefish Extinction – The fish that survived the dinosaur extinction but not humankind
  6. COVID-19 Pandemic – How a pandemic is showing us the value of biodiversity
  7. Cyclone Amphan – When a cyclone and a pandemic combine
  8. Desert Locust outbreak – How manageable risks spin out of control
  9. Great Barrier Reef bleaching – Losing more than a natural wonder
  10. Texas cold wave – A preventable catastrophe?

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