Assessment of early warning systems in four Indian Ocean Island States

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This project, financed through UNDRR, will assess the human resources, equipment, and protocols of the Early Warning Early Action and Anticipatory Systems (EW-EAAS) in Indian Ocean countries (Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, and Seychelles) and make recommendations to improve the current EW-EAAS setup.

The project has four main objectives/activities as following: Objective 1: contextualization of the assessment with partners, scoping and planning; Objective 2: develop methodology for the assessment of EWS and AA; Objective 3: EW-EAASs assessments and recommendations, e.g. also for investments in equipment for EW EAASs (will be financed subsequently through World Bank); Objective 4: testing of EW-EAASs procedures (including the chains of responsibilities) and recommendations on improving institutional capacities for EW-EAASs in NDMAs, plus Objective 5: coordination, management and reporting.

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UNU Climate Resilience Initiative

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