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Center for Global Mountain Safeguard Research - Sustainable management of mountain catchments

Sustainable management of mountain catchments

Sustainable management of mountain catchments including nature-based solutions

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Livelihoods of communities living both in mountain areas and in neighboring lowland regions rely on healthy mountain ecosystems, which provide ecosystems services including (but not limited to) freshwater, protection from hazards, food production, and recreational activities.

The GLOMOS team is advancing research towards a sustainable management of these ecosystems, with a special focus on mountain catchments. This is also done recognizing the role that nature-based solutions play for sustainable development of these areas.

Among the topics addressed by this research field are:

  • Water management challenges, particularly with transborder components.
  • Change detection and monitoring systems of social-ecological parameters in upland-lowland catchments (Long-term Social-Ecological Research site (LTSER)).
  • Transdisciplinary/participatory research targeting root causes of land degradation and over-exploitation of resource in upland-lowland context.

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