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The project “Smart Test of Alpine Rescue Technology” (START) with seven partners form four provinces and federal states is planned from 2018 to 2020. The Lead partner is the Österreichische Bergrettung Land Tirol. The project partners are Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico Alto Adige CNSAS, Soccorso Alpino dell’Alpenverein Südtirol, Azienda ULSS n.1 Dolomiti, IDM Südtirol, University Klagenfurt, EURAC Research and as associated partner Österreichische Bergrettung Landesorganisation Kärnten. The project deals with the strengthening of the cross-border institutional cooperation and alpine rescue technologies that are treated and worked on in six work packages. Objectives of the project are 1. Strengthening cross-border cooperation of mountain rescue and coordination of cross-border emergencies 2. Development of common methods for the introduction of new technologies and procedures 3. Creation of a pilot area for testing innovative technologies and related operational protocols 4. Development of IT applications and IT support to better help people in need in the Alps. The project aims also at a sustainable cooperation of the mountain rescue in the border area and for joint international missions as well as at a collaboration for an effective (cost reduction) adaptation and testing of new technologies for the optimization of the alpine rescue chain beyond the project duration.

Contact person: Abraham Mejia-Aguilar,1411.html

Il soccorso in montagna? L’aiuto arriva dal drone: i test di Eurac e soccorso alpino
Strapazzon G, van Veelen M, Voegele A, Mejia-Aguilar A, Bianco G M (2021)
L'Adige : quotidiano del Trentino Alto-Adige

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Gemeinsam sicher am Berg – Bergrettungen vertiefen Zusammenarbeit (2021)
Dolomiten: Tagblatt der Südtiroler

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LoRa System for Search and Rescue: Path Loss Models and Procedures in Mountain Scenarios
Bianco GM, Giuliano R, Marrocco G, Mazzenga F, Mejia-Aguilar A (2021)
Journal article
IEEE Internet of Things

More information:

In-situ and proximal sensing techniques for monitoring naturals hazards to mitigate risk in tourism activities: a case study in the GEOPARC Bletterbach, Italy
Mejia-Aguilar A, Bianco GM, Marroco G, Voegele A, van Veelen M, Strapazzon G (2021)

Conference: IGARSS 2021 - Virtual Conference | Bruxelles | 12.7.2021 - 16.7.2021

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Numerical and Experimental Evaluation of Radiohelmet-to-UAV LoRa Links
Bianco GM, Mejia-Aguilar A, Marrocco G (2021)

Conference: XXXIV General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (GASS) of the International Union of Radio Science (Union Radio Scientifique Internationale-URSI) | Rome, Italy | 28.8.2021 - 4.9.2021

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Performance evaluation of LoRa LPWAN technology for mountain Search and Rescue
Bianco G, Mejia-Aguilar A, Marroco G (2020)

Conference: 5th International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Technologies | Split | 23.9.2020 - 26.9.2020

Free hardware/software solutions for Search and Rescue Mountain operations: A feasibility study in the Dolomites
Mejia-Aguilar A, Bianco G, Voegele A, Van Veelen M, Strapazzon G, Weber C, Daldos P, Mayrguendter S, Seppi S, Vianello A (2020)

Conference: SFScon - South Tyrol Free Software Conference 2020 | Bozen / Bolzano | 13.11.2020 - 14.11.2020

Radio wave propagation of LoRa systems in mountains for Search and Rescue operations
Bianco G, Mejia-Aguilar A, Marrocco G (2020)

Conference: Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale - General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (URSI GASS) 2020 | Rome | 29.8.2020 - 5.9.2020

New technologies to support mountain rescue operations: A case study in the Dolomites GEOPARC Bletterbach, Italy
Mejia-Aguilar A, Bianco G, Voegele A, Van Veelen M, Strapazzon G, Weber C, Daldos P, Mayrguendter S, Seppi S, Vianello A (2020)

Conference: Global Mountain Sustainability Forum - Sustainability Governance| International frameworks and Local contributions | online : 5.10.2020 - 6.10.2020

Our partners

Mountain Rescue Service South Tyrol

University of Klagenfurt

Local Health Care Unit - Belluno

Mountain Rescue Austria - Province of Tirol

Mountain and speleological rescue South Tyrol

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Data Platform and Sensing Technologies for Environmental Sensing LAB

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FESR (EU funding / Project)

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