Photo Competition Orchard Meadows

The contest is open to anyone who enjoys photography. You can submit up to 5 photos per person, but only one for each location visited. Please send pictures to baumgart@outlook.it

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  • Date: 30.04-20.09.2021
  • Place: South Tyrol
  • Typology: Photo Contest Orchard Meadows
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Goal The aim of the photo contest is to create awareness of the ecological, economic, cultural, aesthetic and gastronomic value of the traditional South Tyrolean orchards. This year the theme is: what are traditional orchards and what do they look like?

Action radius: All of South Tyrol

Criteria: The photo contest focuses on the aesthetic value of our orchards. The photos should show the basic elements of a meadow orchard: the tall, usually irregularly spaced trees, the blossoms, leaves or fruits in the trees, the variety of plants and animals in the meadow orchards. It is important that the "Pangert" or "Anger" are located in South Tyrol. Maximum number of photos allowed: 5 pictures per person, 1 picture per location.

Prizes: For the winning photos: basket with fine South Tyrolean products from Roter Hahn, or a fruit tree from the Variety Garden. For other particularly beautiful photos: seeds for planting.

Resolution of the photos:

  • Full HD - 3000 px on the long edge - 300dpi.
  • SRGB color space
  • jpg or tiff

Naming of photos: First name - Last name - Photo number - Name of the farm, meadow or exact location (example: Max - Mustermann - photo no.01 - Moarhof Bolzano-if necessary coordinates).

Submission of photos: Photos including contact details can be submitted as follows:

  • via e-mail - send a maximum of 20 MB per mail a baumgart@outlook.it
  • via www.wetransfer.com send to baumgart@outlook.it.

Photo rights: Eurac Research owns the rights to use the images. The winning images and possibly other photos will be used for an exhibition or published on a website. The photographer will be nominated if requested. Any other use is at the discretion of Eurac Research.

Organizer of the photo contest: The competition is organized by "Baumgart": Eurac Research, Variety Garden South Tyrol, Bioland South Tyrol, Red Rooster, Umbrella organization for nature and environmental protection in South Tyrol, Heimatpflegeverband Südtirol, Amt für Natur. Organizing headquarters: Institute for Alpine Environment, Drususstr. 1, 39100 Bolzano, Italy

Deadline: 20.09.2021

Award & Exhibition: The winners will be announced during a small event. The most beautiful pictures will be exhibited.

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Orchard Meadow, Plaus
Orchard Meadow near Barbian© Eurac Research - Elia Guariento
Orchard Meadow, Apfellehrpfad Gargazon

Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol

Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol

Duration: - Funding: Internal funding EURAC (Project)

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"Bandiera Verde" of Legambiente for Baumgart Initiative


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