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Update of "Mapping the Alps"

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  • Project duration: December 2017 - December 2022
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    Internal funding EURAC (Project)

The collection and generation of Alpine-wide spatial information have been the focus of interest at the Institute for many years. These data are used to analyze developments in the Alpine region and build the basis for many projects. Initially, the focus was on the three sustainability pillars (environment, society, and economy). Still, map bases are increasingly being generated, illustrating the current state or changes in ecosystem services, the consequences of land-use and climate change, and the 17 UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) with a special focus on the goals 11 - 15.

The plurality of wilderness beliefs and their mediating role in shaping attitudes towards wilderness
Zoderer B, Tasser E (2021)
Journal article
Journal of Environmental Management

More information: ...

Grassland biomass balance in the European Alps: current and future ecosystem service perspectives
Jäger H, Peratoner G, Tappeiner U, Tasser E (2020)
Journal article
Ecosystem Services

More information: ...

Does socioeconomic diversification enhance multifunctionality of mountain landscapes?
Huber L, Schirpke U, Marsoner T, Tasser E, Leitinger G (2020)
Journal article
Ecosystem Services

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Ecosystem Services and Governance in the Alps: Tools and Tips for Effective Environmental Management and Territorial Development
Labadini A, Candiago S, Egarter Vigl L, Marsoner T, Tasser E, Roilo S, Romelli C, Carloni R, Pecher C, Summer H, Wallenberger M, Naumann R, Dunbar M, Marzelli S, Riedel M, Szuecs L, Neumann C, Savaşcı G, Matschiner J, Jäger H, Meisch C, Rüdisser J, Schirpke U, Tappeiner U, Haller A, Polderman A, Cziferszky A, Bender O, Hoube N, Borsdorf A, Gottardelli S, J-P, Fosson L, Cortese P, Detry J-P, Bessiere C, Le Bris J.- Savin B, Talandier-Lespinasse S, Vo Van C, Pasutto I, Savio D, Giupponi C, Zen M, Gallo D, Burlando C, Doimo I, Masiero M, Secco L, Da Deppo I, Quarta M, la Greca F, Santolini R, Morri E, Magone A, Mussinatto P, Kogovšek T, Vurunić S, Klemenčič T, Simčič M, Naglič M, Danev G, Marolt M N, Vezovnik T, Japelj A (2019)
Bolzano:Eurac Research
Authored book

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Indigenous livestock breeds as indicators for cultural ecosystem services: A spatial analysis within the Alpine Space
Marsoner T, Egarter Vigl L, Manck F, Jaritz G, Tappeiner U, Tasser E (2018)
Journal article
Ecological Indicators

Symbolic species as a cultural ecosystem service in the European Alps: insights and open issues
Schirpke U, Meisch C, Tappeiner U (2018)
Journal article
Landscape Ecology

Alpenatlas: society, economy, environment = Atlas des Alpes = Atlante delle Alpi = Atlas Alp = Mapping the Alps
Tappeiner U, Borsdorf A, Tasser E (2008)
Heidelberg:Spektrum, Akad. Verl.
Edited book

Institut für Gebirgsforschung, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Institute of Republic of Slovenia for Natur Conservation
Anton Melik Geographical Institute
Alpine Convention
CIPRA France, Comité français de la Commission Internationale pour la Protection des Alpes
Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell'Ambiente Piemonte, Centro Regionale per le Ricerche Territoriali e Geologiche
Centre national de la recherche scientifique, Laboratoire d'Ecologie Alpine
University of Innsbruck, Faculty of Biology, Institute of Ecology
Centre For Studies and Expertise on Risks, Environment, Mobility, and Urban and Country planning
Veneto Region, Parks Biodiversity and Forest Planning Section (PBFPS)
Institut für Umweltplanung und Raumentwicklung
Safe Mountain Foundation
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Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol

Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol

Duration: December 2018 - January 2022Funding:
Internal funding EURAC (Project)

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