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Global Change in mountain areas

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  • Project duration: December 2017 - December 2024
  • Project status: ongoing
  • Funding:
    Internal funding EURAC (Project)

Around the world, mountain regions are affected especially strongly by global change; this is also true for the Alps. The consequences of globalization and the accompanying structural and economic development, as well as climate change, will be highly dynamic processes in the natural and cultural space of the whole Alpine region in the following decades which will affect land cover as well as structure and functioning of ecosystems and the landscape. This research project aims to analyze important aspects of ecological transformations and their drivers in mountain areas. Thereby, we will focus on landscape change and coupled ecosystem functions and processes such as biodiversity modifications, bio-chemical cycles or water balance induced by human management and climate change. The research approach combines field studies with remote sensing and simulation models.

Drought- and heat-induced shifts in vegetation composition impact biomass production and water use of Alpine grasslands
Tello-García E, Huber L, Leitinger G, Peters A, Newesely C, Ringler ME, Tasser E (2020)
Journal article
Environmental and Experimental Botany

Species richness and beta diversity patterns of multiple taxa along an elevational gradient in pastured grasslands in the European Alps
Fontana V, Guariento E, Hilpold A, Niedrist G, Steinwandter M, Spitale D, Nascimbene J, Tappeiner U, Seeber J (2020)
Journal article
Scientific Reports

More information:

Ecotrons: Powerful and versatile ecosystem analysers for ecology, agronomy and environmental science
Roy J, Rineau F, De Boeck HJ, Nijs I, Pütz T, Abiven S, Arnone JA, III, Barton CVM, Beenaerts N, Brüggemann N, Dainese M, Domisch T, Eisenhauer N, Garré S, Gebler A, Ghirardo A, Jasoni RL, Kowalchuk G, Landais D, Larsen SH, Leemans V, Le Galliard J‐F, Longdoz B, Massol F, Mikkelsen TN, Niedrist G, Piel C, Ravel O, Sauze J, Schmidt A, Schnitzler J‐P, Teixeira LH, Tjoelker MG, Weisser WW, Winkler B, Milcu A (2020)
Journal article
Global Change Biology

More information:

Comparing sap flow of European larch with evergreen conifers at different elevations in an inner-alpine dry valley
Obojes N, Tasser E, Newesely C, Mayr S, Tappeiner U (2020)
Journal article
Acta Horticulturae

More information:

Phytoavailable phosphorus (P2O5) and potassium (K2O) in topsoil for apple orchards and vineyards, South Tyrol, Italy
Della Chiesa S, Genova G, la Cecilia D, Niedrist G (2019)
Journal article
Journal of Maps

More information: ...

Change from agricultural to touristic use: Effects on the aesthetic value of landscapes over the last 150 years
Schirpke U, Altzinger A, Leitinger G, Tasser E (2019)
Journal article
Landscape and Urban Planning

More information: ...

A simple biodiversity assessment scheme supporting nature-friendly farm management
Tasser E, Rüdisser J, Plaikner M, Stöckli S, Wezel A, Dubbert M, Moos V, Nitsch H, Vincent A, Bogner D (2019)
Journal article
Ecological Indicators

More information: ...

Community specific hydraulic conductance potential of soil water decomposed for two Alpine grasslands by small-scale lysimetry
Frenck, G, Leitinger, G, Obojes, N, Hofmann M, Newesely C, Deutschmann M, Tappeiner U, Tasser E (2018)
Journal article

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Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol

Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol

Duration: December 2018 - May 2022Funding: Internal funding EURAC (Project)

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